most incompetent company ive ever seen

  • 7 May 2024
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how is this company leaglly in business? after 5 hours with support i still cant use any of sonos products. support just tells you to keep resetting and trying to add speakers after knowing it hasnt worked te 10 times before. they then try to blame my isp, even though ebery single oher product on the planet worls fine EXCEPT sonos and they have no resolutions. after talking to  more agents on the phone the resolution they gave me?? try ressting it and re installing or borrow someones else device to set up speakersbe beacuse my s23 ultra wont work or my ipad or laptop. i cant wait to join a class action against this scam of a company

1 reply

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I’d join a class action!

you’re wasting your time posting in this forum though, this is run by, and for the most diehard fanboys.