Lost BBC on Sonos after upgrading to TuneIn Premium. Rescue?

  • 2 August 2023
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(8/1/23) So I took an offer -for Sonos subscribers- for a 3 month trial of TuneIn Premium. Just by going to services and adding the new Sonos API for TuneIn. There are currently two Tunein API’s I am obviously referring to the one titled “Tunein (New)”.

One thing I like about the new Tune API for Sonos is the log in access that has all my favorites (and family favorites) by folder -yes we do listen to a lot of international and niche radio, alt, indie, etc.

The bad part (and pain point) as I let Tunein know via Twitter (or X) DM, is that none of the BBC radio stations were working on their Sonos API, including my daily favorite BBC6 “6 Music”. When I was re-adding my Sonos favorites through the Tunein (New) API I made the (so regretful) error of removing BBC6 (the one with the old Tunein API) and guess what? BBC 6 now does not work on old or new Tunein APIs! ...only via airplay (or chromecast) which to me defeats the point, deplete’s phone battery and add little steps plus possible interruptions for different media we listen to every day. This applies to the main 6 BBC national stations” (BBC 1 through 6, their iterations like Extra, 1D, 1R, Asian Network, 4 Extra, etc… and the regionals and language BBC stations across the UK and for diverse communities). The only signal we are able to get directly on Sonos is BBC World Service. Great, but we need other BBC stations daily ...I have been a listener of “6 Music” since the day it started! 

While, here in the States, one can play BBC stations (most) via Google Play or Alexa or airplay or chromecast or on tunein via web browser or BBC Sounds (on browser) one bought a sound system for a reason. BBC website does not give much hope either.   ANY HOPE THAT DECISION MAKERS AT SONOS (and competitors), Tunein (and competitors) and the BBC are expediting this discussion to go back to make it work?  Points on legalities are neither here nor there, in my opinion, when one can (fortunately) access 90% of their content through the methods mentioned above. 

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3 replies

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Hi @Multiculti 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Please see the following topic for some information regarding BBC listening:

In short, customers outside of the UK are recommended to play BBC via the BBC Sounds app, casting to Sonos speakers via AirPlay, line-in or Bluetooth.

I hope this helps.


But Corry,  


It is URGENT for #SonosRadio to support DASH & HLS formats! @BBC6Music & most #BBC radio stations are no longer avail 🇺🇸! GRRRR! Must solve ASAP as tons of listeners used to the Beeb WAIT &Airplay is glitchy!https://t.co/AjlPxNsdWG@tunein @TuneinSupport @myTunerRadio

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How about the other Radio Portals that offer a Sonos API?  🙏🏾 🙏 🙏🏼 🙏🏿 🙏🏻 🙏🏾 🙏🏽

Until yesterday (Aug 3, 2023) when I had BBC6 (6 Music) on my Sonos Favorites at the top!!! via TuneIn (old API) I was able to listen. I signed up to TuneIn Premium ($) and when I replace the favorite slot with the BBC6 on TuneIn “New” API I was floored as “6 Music” was not available! I try back on TuneIn Old API and no longer it was available❗BBC announced this way in advance. SONOS AND TUNEIN WERE INFORMED THIS WOULD HAPPEN MONTHS IN ADVANCE. Loyal customers were given assurance both firms were ready for this change. IT SPEAKS tons about their leaders that there was advance warning and now both are washing their hands. BBC stations (other than Worldwide Service) are unavailable on Sonos via: TuneIn, MyTunerRadio, & derivatively SonosRadio, damn! 

One wishes Sonos gatekeepers and decision makers took this seriously as there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of BBC active listeners around the world and in the Sonos client base waiting for answers beyond Airplay and Chromecast, which adds steps and is prone to glitchy breaks (I have really good broadband and a decent phone). They (Sonos & Tunein, etc) should take it seriously enough to send a press release or include updates on the topic in their tsunami of promotional newsletters. 

🌏🌎🌍  ❗ASAP ❕

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Hi @Multiculti 

I am not entirely sure what it is you are asking me here. The BBC have recently taken multiple steps to ensure that if you are outside of the UK and you want to listen to BBC services, you need to use the BBC Sounds app. They have intentionally made the addition of the BBC Sounds service to Sonos only available from within the UK.

Please see https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/help/questions/listening-outside-the-uk for info.

As mentioned in the topic linked to in my earlier reply, if you want to listen to BBC services while outside of the UK on Sonos, you need to use the BBC Sounds app and AirPlay/Bluetooth it to Sonos, or utilise Line-In.

I hope this helps.