Is SONOS working on a turntable?

  • 3 December 2022
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Is SONOS working on a turntable that will connect to a SONOS Amp?  (A turntable not named Victrola)

8 replies

I wouldn’t think so, it’s not really in their wheelhouse, and if they were, they probably wouldn’t be partnering with Victrola or Pro-Ject.

Victrola has a system that integrates with Sonos, but I’m not a fan of that brand. 
See attached photo. 

Yep, that’s why I mentioned Victrola and Pro-Ject. 

There is already a turntable that will connect to a Sonos Amp. It is called Nearly Every Turntable On The Market.

OK they won't connect wirelessly, but I doubt that many people will be troubled by that. 

Thank you for all the replies.  
I was looking to stream wirelessly. I do have my Technic’s turntable from the 70’s and I wanted to avoid having to purchase an A/B RCA switch as I already have my Sonos Amp connected to my Echo device.  Also, I wanted to avoid another component such a a phono/ground device.  

Any Technics from the 70s won’t have a pre-amp built in, if memory serves. Which means you’ll need one of them for sure. You could potentially plug the output of that pre-amp into a Bluetooth transmitter, and then plug a Bluetooth receiver in to any Sonos analog line in, and make the connection that way. Or, that Bluetooth transmitter could be connected to a Roam, which then acts as a bridge to the Sonos network for the signal. 

May I ask why you have your Echo device connected by cable to the Amp?

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I stream my turntable wirelessly everywhere. At the TT it’s rega→ audio research pre-amp → sonos port. That’s all wired. Then I listen from any of my sonos speakers, which are mostly wireless.