Initial setup for Play 5 with S1 app

  • 17 November 2023
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I know this sounds trivial but I’m having trouble connecting a Play 5 with my S1 app.  It was disconnected during troubleshooting trying to get my existing S1 system speakers to work with the new S2 because I just got a Beam Gen 2.  It is the only holdout - it can’t work with the S2 but it is now disconnected and so I need to get my S1 app to recognize it.  Currently, it has an ethernet cable connected to it and is powered on.  In the S1 app (after I reset it) I get the option to set up a new Sonos system, or connect to an existing system.  I choose connect to existing system, and then get “Use Sonos S2 app” or more options menu which essentially lead me full circle back to resetting the app.  My conclusion is that SONOS wants me to have a “new” app (new credentials to log in) to the S1 app.  Nothing seems to be working.  Would it be appropriate to simply unplug the existing S2 devices in the house and then try to connect my Play 5 to an existing system?  Fooling the S1 into thinking there isn’t anything else to compete with it and thus it might work?  Are there any other potential solutions out there that I might try.  Many thanks in advance.


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I’d go with unplug all the S2 devices and work on getting the S1 Play 5 going.

I’d do the New System install as it is likely that your upgrade of the rest to S2 is using your original system information.