Best upgrade: new play5 or sub?

  • 5 November 2016
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I have currently one play5 gen1.

What would be the best upgrade in terms of sound?

1. Replace my Play5 Gen1 with a new Play5 Gen2?


2. Add a Sonos Sub to my Play5 Gen1?

Thanks for your advice.

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3 replies

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For me personally I won't spend 700 bucks to improve the sound in one location. It's better to upgrade to the new Play 5 which has pretty good clarity and base extension vs Gen 1. You could then place the other Play 5 in another room to enjoy more multiroom play - and this for a fraction of the cost.

Where I am at now I would only use a sub if I am creating a top line listening room experience in one room around Sonos and planning it that way from the outset. In that case I would not pair it with one speaker but 2 like maybe a pair of Play1's or Play 3's. Other than that situation I would incorporate the sub into Home theater applications - Playbar plus sub etc. Just my 2 cents
There is another cheap option if you can get a used gen 1 5 unit for a good price - and then stereo pair the two units. Or use them in two zones when needed.

I agree that adding a Sub to your 5 unit is not the best use of your money.
My home foolish is open. By that I mean my livingvtoom, dining room and kitchen are open to each other. I have paired two Play 1 speakers that cover the area quite well. The sub, centered in the home, is heard through the home. It even enhances bedrooms that have one Play 1.
Expensive but worth it.