20% Cashback promotion

  • 10 March 2018
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Just heard about this

Has anyone received a code for this ?
How do I get one ?

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55 replies

I'm not sure I fully follow what the rules are for this? I purchased a pair of One's 3 weeks ago from Amazon, does that count for a code on a future purchase? Or do I purchase a Sub and then claim it back? I think it is the "may" in the terms that is not helping clear this up.
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Also confused.

Please (in real language not T&C speak) can you clarify the following?

1. If I bought from Sonos direct in last 100 days, I should have received a code and can use that to get 20% off next purchase?

2. If I didn't buy direct and bought from a retailer within the promotion period (last 100 days??) then I can apply and get a 20% rebate from sonos?

So for 2, where do I get a code? Because a CODE is needed for the rebate form application?! I am in this category.

Finally, if I want to buy a Playbar TODAY, is there ANY discount/rebate on offer? That is a question a lot of people need to be answered directly. If there is NO discount on offer then I suspect most of us will just move on and forget this "promotion" as it is not current and not worth spending any more time over.

Please MaxP can you clearly clarify these options.

Many Thanks.
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the rules of this promotion are very vague at best !
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I think some clarification from Sonos is needed on the exact criteria. Currently its got more holes in it than a swiss cheese.

even the number of pages dedicated to this promotion seems only to confuse !

for example the FAQ page section "Why can’t I select my purchase date?" with a reason being your purchase is too early/late/not in the claim window... please refer to Terms and Conditons. Yet the terms and conditions make no mention of any fixed dates but something about "within 100 days of your first purchase" and later " within two (2) weeks of the first date of notification by e-mail from Sonos of the Promotion"
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Finally submitted my claim - got sent a code eventually - and now they denied the claim based on the retailer not being "authorised" despite the retailer group being on their list. I do hope it's a simple error (waiting to hear back) rather than a conscious attempt to deny as many claims as possible, on whatever spurious grounds they can dream up. That would be a real shame, for a company with the reputation that Sonos has, for them to start playing these games. First a very poorly explained promotion, and then denying claims left, right and centre..... The Playbar may have to go back yet if they refuse to accept the claim (anyone have experience of the Samsung MS650 btw as an alternative?)

I'll post back with Customer Service's response... Anyone else had a similar issue of denied claims on dodgy grounds?

OK thankfully they saw sense and have approved my claim. Phew, and bravo Sonos for correcting your mistake! 🙂
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Having asked Sonos Customer Care where in the T&Cs it says anything about "new customers" or a promotion period, I had a reply from someone different in Customer Care.

The answer?

He's saying exactly the same as the previous response.

I have asked yet again for them to state where this is found in the T&Cs.

It really would help if Sonos Customer Care would actually read what it states on their own website.
We purchased a sonos one with Alexa on 30th November, this week we purchased a sonos 5 and was told by retailer we should have a 20% discount code as we were purchasing again within 4 months, but never did get an email, so I asked sonos support who agreed I should have a discount code and can do a cash back claim on their website, unfortunately 3 days later and several emails back and forth still no discount code, well I have the 100 day return so if I do not get a code and get my 20% it will go back and they can deal with a used open box product.
Well this is odd.

When I try to access my "Incidents" to see if there's any progress on this, via the My Account menu or via the "Support" route I consistently get "Site Can't Be Reached" messages or the browser page simply fails to load. I get this using Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

It worked perfectly until yesterday evening.

It's the same on multiple PCs and on my Android tablet.

It's the same when I follow the link provided by Sonos on the acknowledgement email when I first raised this with the Customer Care team.

Every single page on other parts of the Sonos website are absolutely fine.

If I were of a suspicious nature I would be inclined to think that Sonos Customer Care is trying to avoid me. :(

yep, same here - maybe they are getting too many of us asking for the promised discount
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Had a reply from Sonos Customer Care:

I am contacting you today as I have received feedback from our Management Team who have advised that if you click on the ‘claim now’ button on top right page of the terms and conditions page, On the next page you have to tick the boxes and enter the voucher code that Sonos sent out to new customers (Households) that have registered a Sonos product for the first time during 01 October 2017 and 31 December 2017. I

Therefore to be eligible, you must first have received an email from Sonos containing a unique voucher code and if you did not receive the offer email with the Sonos voucher code then you cannot make a claim.

1. The webpage - https://sonos-welcome.com/ie/en/pages/cashback/home - does not state this and is therefore misleading.
2. When you click on the "claim now" button and on the next page - https://sonos-welcome.com/ie/en/claims/cashback/get-started - you are asked to tick a box that refers to a promotional period which is not defined anywhere, either on this page or in the T&Cs.

In the UK the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations mean you can’t mislead or harass consumers by, for example:
- including false or deceptive messages
- leaving out important information

The UK Advertising Standards Authority rules are that, "Marketing communications must not mislead the consumer by omitting material information. They must not mislead by hiding material information or presenting it in an unclear, unintelligible, ambiguous or untimely manner."

It seems to me that Sonos is very definitely misleading customers - the webpage - https://sonos-welcome.com/ie/en/pages/cashback/home - is STILL current.

Oh, and I'm still not able to access my "Incidents" from My Account.

Seems I'll have to escalate.
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So Sonos Customer Care are still giving me the brush off, saying that to eligible you have to "...have received an email from Sonos regarding the Promotion within one-hundred (100) days of your first purchase of Qualifying Product(s),....." as per the T&Cs.

I would make the following points.

1. Nowhere is it clear that you should have received this in advance of your purchase
2. Existing owners of Sonos products are not necessarily the purchasers of such products.
3. If you've already purchased a Play 3 your first purchase of a Play 5 is a "first purchase" of a Qualifying Product.
Nope. Last promotional email I got was for the Sonos One bundle on February 9th.
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This https://www.boards.ie/ttfthread/2057849795 suggests it’s for new customers and applies to an additional order only for the 20% off 😠
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I got an email from Sonos on 2/22 with this offer. It was just what I was waiting for to get a sub for the PlayBase. IIRC, the discount was capped at $200, so you couldn't go crazy, but applied only to the first $1,000 of the purchase. You could use the code on sonos.com to get an immediate 20% discount, or provide a receipt and get a rebate afterwards.
I would also love to get in on this if anyone figures out what you need to do to get the email/use the discount. I got my first pair of Play 1's in Jan and have been thinking about a Sub and Soundbar... checking my email (spam filter) daily since i got
my "welcome to sonos" email a couple of weeks ago.
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Yeah come on SONOS send ME a code too!! Waiting to buy a PlayBar! 😃 .
I could use a code too, I need more Sonos.
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Yes Sonos, what about rewarding existing customers who've already bought into the ecosystem?
Literally just finished installing a brand new system.... where do we get the code from??? :?
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A guy on chat said it was for purchases made in October last year and all codes were emailed on 22nd Feb. He did suggest it was for any purchase and not 2 items (as said elsewhere), then again not sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing between the chat and CS dept :?!

I did purchase a Playbar during that time, and activated it the day I received it (30th october!) but curiously my account wrongly says it was registered on Boxing Day - some 2 months later! Oh and allegedly I also registered a Sub at 6am on New years day....er... I was asleep with a cracking hangover brewing! It was actually fully registered in November on its purchase date (who'd wait months to activate a sub?! It's awesome! lol) . Any way it looks like their registration dates are all very very wrong!!

So, SADLY I expect them to query the registration date to conveniently get out of voucher code eligibility 😞 . If they do it'll be a huge shame for a new Sonos convert with a great 5.1 system, and a proper kick in the teeth for "loyalty"!

Anyway, I have emailed customer service so will see what they say.
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the rules of this promotion are very vague at best !

Indeed, it's almost as though Sonos want to shout about a cool 20% offer, but at the same time limit the amount of people who can take advantage of it. Almost 😛
So the ship has sailed on this promotion? In which case I will stop tempting myself with the sub and my neighbours can rest easy. 🙂
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So the ship has sailed on this promotion? In which case I will stop tempting myself with the sub and my neighbours can rest easy. :)

Never let go of the dream! The sub is epic btw....
I'm sure it is but I'm still enjoying the difference the One pair has made to the Soundbar so can be happy with that. I might actually make my Bedroom a One pair this month instead, so at least Sonos hasn't missed out too much! 😮
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Hi All, thank you for your interest in the Promotion.

We’d like to confirm that, to be eligible for this Promotion, you must first have received an email from Sonos containing your unique coupon code. The coupon is mainly intended for use on sonos.com. It can also be used to claim back 20% from a purchase made in retail stores, but only if the purchase was made after you received the promotional email.

Please see below the Eligibility criteria as laid out in the Terms & Conditions found here.

5. To be eligible to participate in the Promotion (an “Eligible Participant”) you must (a) be an individual of legal age in your jurisdiction of residence, (b) be an end user customer, (c) have received an email from Sonos regarding the Promotion within one-hundred (100) days of your first purchase of Qualifying Product(s), and (d) reside in one of the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States (the “Participating Countries”).

Note that the discount is limited to the following maximum amounts: USD 200, CAD 250, AUD 260, GBP 160, EUR 200, SEK 1,650, DKK 1,250, NOK 1,620, CHF 200.

Note that making a purchase in retail will not automatically render you eligible for the cashback, you are only eligible if you received the offer by email.

Let us know if you have any other questions.
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thanks Max - so what are the criteria for receiving a coupon in the first place ?