Voice Command "Switch to TV mode" for Group

  • 22 March 2023
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I have GROUP called Main that includes my:

1.TV ARC/L&R Play Ones/Sub in Family Room 2. Play One in Kitchen

When watching TV in Family Room with full TV audio playing I often say “Hey Sonos play on MAIN” while in earshot of the Kitchen Sonos 1. I’m finding that I must say “Hey Sonos switch to TV Mode” for the entire MAIN group to stop playing music and start playing the TV audio; for some reason it defaults to music on the “Play on Main” command. I finally discovered the “Switch to TV Mode” command here on the forum and thanks for that BUT: 

Is there a way to make my DEFAULT audio to always be TV (vs Music) when I say “Hey Sonos play on Main” when the TV is already playing and I want to include the entire “MAIN” group with that same TV audio? BTW turning the TV off/on again will default to TV audio on MAIN group and incidentally “hey sonos stop” in the kitchen first causes the TV to go on mute with unmuting NOT flowing to TV audio in the group/kitchen; both less than desired intents. 

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Interesting question.  For reference here’s the link to the supported voice commands.


I don’t see anything in their about referencing named groups, so it’s obviously not a complete list.  However, I probably would use “Group the kitchen and family room” for this use case.  If TV audio is playing in family room, and music is in on in the kitchen, I believe it will ask you if you want to play the music or the TV audio.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done this though, and never with TV audio, so I could be off on this.

However, I get why you prefer to use the name grouped with the request, especially if you add more rooms.  I have no idea for that.  I might try “play TV audio on Main”.

Also, in case you were not aware, you can do a long press of the play/pause button on your kitchen speaker and it will group with family room (because that’s the only other room playing).  That might be a better option then verbal command if your speaker is in easy reach.

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OK got it all figured out with a Sonos Tech chat: 

Because the familyroom is working as a home theater set-up they will be playing TV by default and the Kitchen is music by default. 

Group=”Main”= Family Room (home theather set-up w/ Arc; Play1 LS&RS; Woofer) & Kitchen (Sonos One). 


Correct command: “hey sonos play tv audio on family room” 

When I say “hey sonos play on main” the kitchen plays music by default presumably because it is NOT part of the home theater set-up in the family room. BUT when I say “hey sonos switch to tv mode” in the Kitchen the answer is “playing tv audio on family room” and all is well then. 

go directly to  “hey sonos play tv audio on family room”  and dont pass go………..will take me awhile to process why that’s the correct command even though my Kitchen Sonos One is part of the Family Room in the “Main” group………...but whatever works!!!