Voice assistant does not recognise Spotify

  • 21 February 2023
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When asking Sonos voice assistant to play music it says that I must have a music subscription.

I use Spotify all the time with sonos. Alexa has no trouble with Spotify. I recently used sonos voice assistant with One of my Sono One devices and it worked fine. When I moved the speaker to another location it stopped accepting Spotify.

I have since deleted Spotify and reinstalled

I have deleted Sonos and reinstalled

I have removed voice assistant and reinstalled

I have run out of choices

When I look at music services in setting I see that Spotify is greyed out with a comment … not compatible


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13 replies

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Sonos Voice Control currently works with Sonos Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Pandora. It doesn’t work with Spotify.

Thank you

The funny thing is, as I explained to Sonos this morning, is that it worked two days ago. I then moved my speaker to a new position and renamed it and now SVS does not recognise Spotify 

I am sure that if Amazon can work with Alexa I am sure Sonos ( at the price per unit) could have theirs working

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Spotify is not mentioned in the list with supported music services on Sonos Voice Control:

Are you sure you weren't using Alexa before?

I am very sure because it wasn’t set up

until then I used Sonos !!

Sonos Voice (SVC), as well as Google and Alexa, can perform basic playback functions regardless of streaming source.  So you can  make commands to pause, resume, fwd, rev, volume control, grouping, etc.  What you can’t do is request a specific song/artist/radio etc from music services that aren’t supported, like Spotify.  The difference clearly is about doing a search through a music service to see what’s available.  Sonos has not stated why some service are not supported, or explained how SVC works to process all commands locally, unlike Alexa or Google.

Thanks everyone for stating that Sonos SVSdoes not support Spotify ….. this I understand. What I don’t understand is one day I say “ hey Sonos play xyz” and it does……. The next day it is not supported 

thank you everyone

Your claim that SVC worked to request music from Spotify despite that Spotify isn’t supported,  isn’t something I’ve seen reported by anyone else on the forum.  Spotify on SVC has never been supported.  Since I wasn’t there to witness what you experienced, I’d have to assume that either you were mistaken about the music service you were using with SVC, were actually using Alexa or Google voice, or were asking a request that works on any music service.  The chance that it worked for you and no one else is extremely unlikely. 


Wow such a knowledgeable person 

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Hi @thehide 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

@melvimbe is not wrong - Sonos Voice Control does not currently support Spotify, nor has it ever. It does support media controls for anything already queued or playing, as mentioned, so this is the most likely explanation for what you experienced.

We are working on bringing support for more services to Sonos Voice Control, and Spotify is naturally a priority.

I hope this helps.

Some people just can’t help themselves and need to comment 

thank you for a final time …. It would appear the forum is not a suitable place to get technical results only opinions 

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I'd say a the fact a Sonos representative replying Spotify does not (yet) work with SVC is not an opinion, but that he is stating a “technical result” in your terms. You not agreeing with the statement does not make the statement just an “opinion".


I wonder if you had the Google Assistant setup because I definitely use that to play Spotify on my Sonos.