Sonos Voice and TuneIn

  • 25 February 2023
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Can Sonos Voice not play TuneIn stations? I’ve tried several times and the response has been something to the effect of “Sonos Voice cannot play TuneIn”. Not sure if that’s literally true or if I just haven’t found the preferred command.


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7 replies

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Try “Hey Sonos… play (radio station name)”.

That plays an unrelated song for me instead. I was hoping that adding the station to My Sonos would make it easier to find, but it isn’t.

But if you’re able to play a TuneIn station via Sonos Voice, that’s good news! I just need to find the magical command. I’ve tried several that used the word “TuneIn” and I think that’s maybe what triggered the “cannot play” response.

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The command I posted above works for me. What specific radio station are you trying to play? What station was the “unrelated song” playing on?

I’m trying to play the “Ancient Faith English” and “Ancient Faith Talk” stations.

For me, it starts playing a song with the word “Ancient” in it from the one service I’ve attached, Apple Music.

Most recently I’ve tried appending “on Sonos Radio” to my request (which I saw in some Sonos documentation) but then it says something to the effect that there’s nothing like that on Sonos Radio. The Sonos app would disagree. :)

Maybe try “Ancient Faith English radio” or  “Ancient Faith English radio station”

My apologies for my delayed response; the device is at a relative’s house so I only get to try new commands every once in a while. (My Sonos Play:1, alas, has no voice.)

But Danny’s suggestion appeared to work! I don’t recall exactly if I said “” on “...on radio” but the station played. I’m hoping this wasn’t a fluke! I’d have thought my previous “...on Sonos Radio” would have worked before. Maybe it does now? I’ll experiment.

Thanks for all the help!

I was having trouble too until I found this thread by web search. It works by saying “radio” or “radio station” after the station name. Without that, it usually plays some random music. The command fails when saying “on Tunein” or “on Sonos Radio.” 😐