Alexa voice search using Spotify on Sonos not scrobbling with Last.FM

  • 7 March 2023
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Hi there

First time using the community forum :)

Been using Alexa to voice search music tracks to play on Sonos since time began. My default streaming service is Spotify (but I have others). I noticed today that all my tracks from this morning (listening on the Sonos Roam in the kitchen) were not appearing on my Last.FM profile (basically not ‘scrobbled’). 

I have conducted some very basic tests and made following observations:

  • Selecting a Spotify track via the Sonos desktop app (e.g. using the mouse and double clicking) results in the track playing on Sonos AND being scrobbled to Last.FM.
  • Ask Alexa to play the ‘same’ Spotify track on Sonos (via voice search on an Echo Dot) to the same Sonos speaker results in the track playing BUT not being scrobbled to Last.FM.
  • Issue doesn’t seem to occur with Amazon Music voice search (i have not tested other music streaming services).
  • Tracks that auto play AFTER the voice search track also fail to scrobble to Last.FM.
  • I also tried on Sonos One built in Alexa, same issue.
  • I am pretty sure I voice searched Spotify last night and they scrobbled as I can see them.

I have removed and added Last.FM, no change.

Any ideas? Can any other Last.FM users who scrobble from Sonos AND use Spotify WITH Alexa voice search reproduce this issue?


1 reply

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Hi @N_A_ 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Unfortunately, there’s very little documentation available to me regarding scrobbling. 

My posting here will bring your post back into the Recently Active section - perhaps this time you will hear back from some other users who also use this feature so you can compare results.