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Hi Sonos Community,

I have trouble using Siri on my phone to with Sonos Beam. In a few videos I've seen that you can tell Siri, "play music in 'Name of Beam'. " However, Siri responds, "Sorry can't find that speaker". I am using the only name listed in the Sonos App, AirPlay2, and Homekit. They each have the same name.

Can someone tell me what I could do to make this feature work?


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Hey there, quipmaster. Thanks for the post and welcome to the Community. Are you able to AirPlay to the Beam or is the speaker not appearing at all on the iPhone? Check out this FAQ on using AirPlay on Sonos for more information.

Have you registered your Speaker in HomeKit as an 'Accessory'?...

1. Open the Home app
2. Tap + icon in the top right corner
3. Tap Add Accessory
4. Choose Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan
5. Tap the Sonos speaker you’d like to add

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