Connecting Roam Speaker to 2 Sonos networks

  • 21 March 2023
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I own 2 homes with a Sonos system in each home. I have recently purchased a roam speaker and connected it to the Sonos system in 1 home.

  Can I take this same speaker to the second home and connect it to that network without deleting the connection to the network in home number 1?


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8 replies

Are the two homes tied to the same SONOS household?

Same Sonos account but different internet wireless network. 

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Hi @Ejenkins57 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

You can take your Roam to the second location and use it on Bluetooth or on WiFi, but it cannot become part of the other Sonos system without being reset. You would then need to reset it again for it to once more be part of the first system.

If you don’t want to reset it, and assuming that the app on your phone “knows” both systems, it might be best to follow these steps:

  1. At home 1, where the Roam currently is, reset the Sonos app and choose “Connect to Existing System”. This will erase the app’s knowledge of the second system.
  2. Take the Roam to home 2, as well as a spare phone/tablet.
  3. The Sonos app is not written to be able to switch between two systems on one WiFi network, so install the Sonos app on the spare phone/tablet and connect it to the existing system at home 2.
  4. Turn on the Roam and open the Sonos app on your (first) phone - it should say that it can’t connect to your system. Tap Fix It and follow the steps on the screen to connect your Roam to the new WiFi.

To be honest, it may be easier to just reset the Roam and add it to whichever system you’re with.

I hope this helps.



The other option would be to set up both Wi-Fi’s with the same SSID and password, and make both Sonos systems the same ‘household’ (which I think it is, based on your post). Then the Roam would just connect to whichever network it was within, and join that ‘system’, since the network account would be the same in both locations. 

To be honest, I have never been so frustrated with a product that sounds so good when working properly. 

I am a contractor and work at many residences around my county. Fortunately, many of my clients share with me their wifi networks so that while I am working on their respective residences, I can enjoy higher speeds for things like project management and music listening. 

I can tell you that unfortunately, your products both the Roam and Move do not like actually moving nor roaming. In fact, I could say that at least a dozen of my clients have been turned away from your products when they see me struggling with your products as I’m promising them that I won’t be charging for the time it takes to just listen to some music.


It’s apparent that Sonos prefers that we use the Sonos app instead of the music app like Pandora or Spotify. However, that feature is unavailable unless you are connected to wifi. That wouldn’t be a problem for me since I already mentioned I have access to that. However, every time I leave my home network I have to reset my Sonos product to connect to the clients wifi. Sometimes that works, other times it doesn't. Either way it takes time out of an otherwise productive day. 

As for Bluetooth, it's about a 20/80 chance that it's going to work. Most of the time it connects to bluetooth, my music app will show the music playing but no music comes out. The 20% chance it connects to music, my phone will ring or some notification goes off while I'm on a ladder and have my tools, then the music does not turn back on automatically. 


Long story short, I’m very frustrated with your products and feel a sense of false advertisement. Your sound quality is second to none, but if you add up all of the hours if not days of frustration with technical difficulties it would have given even a Buddhist monk a near heart attack. 

I look forward to hearing your feedback and appreciate any reimbursement or resolution so I can continue using your products in the future. As we all know, word of mouth is one of the most important aspects of marketing. It’s not good for your company that dozens of my clients have witnessed this frustration first hand. 




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Hi @fdsalamida 

Thank you for the feedback, and I’m sorry to hear that you have had so many issues with your portable Sonos devices.

I have taken my own Roam to other networks (though not nearly as many as you, by the sound of it) and experienced no issues at all. Likewise, I have had no problems in connecting multiple devices via Bluetooth (admittedly, all Samsung). Also, there are plenty of users frequenting these pages that don’t have any issues, though, to be fair, there are quite a few reporting problems too, but then few people show up here to report that everything is going swimmingly and not to ask for help. As many say, this is like going to a hospital and wondering why everyone is ill.

The reason routers have settings pages at all is because sometimes the need exists to alter settings there to suit the needs of the devices that connect to the network. Therefore it is a little unfair to expect every network you connect to - and have no permission to alter the settings of - to be ideally configured for Sonos operation. We typically make use of networks in ways that other devices do not - talking to other, nearby devices using particular protocols being one.

I cannot offer you reimbursement here, nor could I do so without proof of unsatisfactory performance - I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports.

I hope this helps.

@fdsalamida .  Your post isn’t really relevant to this thread.  The original post is about moving between Sonos systems, not between WiFi networks as a standalone speaker,  The actions needed are completely different in the two cases.

The Rosm and Move can roam (or move) between WiFi networks without a factory reset, but really Bluetooth is the main intended tool when using the speakers away from their home network.  I am not sure why you are having problems getting your speaker onto other networks, but a simple solution would be to connect your phone to the network and use Bluetooth to play on your Sonos speaker. (Again I have had no problems with Bluetooth and I am puzzled by your problems.)

(As the monthly data allowance on my mobile phone is vastly greater than I could ever use, I don’t bother connecting to WiFi in other locations anyway, even when it’s available.)

The Roam roams fine, and the Move moves great.  Contacting Sonos Support sounds like the best option

I agree with John.  Using bluetooth seems to be the best course of action for your case, rather than connecting the speaker to  WiFi at each job location. Connecting to bluetooth should be pretty straight forward, but perhaps you are not getting the Roam in bluetooth mode, or your phone is trying to connect to a different audio device (headphones for example).