sonos roam won't turn on or charge

  • 25 December 2023
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My sonos roam won't turn on or charge since yesterday, it was working perfectly paired with my sonos one, it stopped working so i try to charge it and nothing happen since, i used every usb C cord i have ?

Holding the power button for 5, 10, 12, 30 seconds won’t do nothing, the orange LED is not working too.

Don’t know what to do ????

Merry christmas, i’m afraid that only half of my family will listen to my christmas playlist.





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8 replies

Can you perhaps post a screenshot of what power-output you're actually using on the charger to charge the Roam - it should be printed on the charger-block itself. You ideally need a minimum of 5v x 2A (10W) or higher, upto say 5v x 3A (15W) …or maybe use a ‘PD certified’ charger, but note those will need a USB-C to USB-C power cable which is different to the USB-C/A cable supplied.

Hi Ken, 

I tried with those 2 charger without success,

thank you



I know that the charger needs to be 5v and between 2A or 3A - I’m not sure if 5.1v is compatible in this instance, but maybe try it again with these steps…

Whist the Roam is ‘off’ its charger (that’s important) with the device powered ‘on’- press and hold the rear power-button. The Roam will power itself off after approx. 5-6 seconds, but do not let go the button, keep it pressed for about another 15-to-20+ seconds until you ‘perhaps’ see the front top status LED (near Sonos logo) light-up and glow white and then place the Roam back on its USB-C charger (5V/2A (10W) power output minimum charge level) and leave it until it’s been charging for approx. 45 minutes. If it does not spring back to life, then off it’s charger again, repeat these steps one more time.

If the problems persist after that, then it maybe best to contact/chat with Sonos Support Staff via this LINK and see what the Staff can perhaps suggest to resolve the matter. 

this is not working, i will contact sonos support staff

thank you for your help

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I’ve seen a number of chargers, particularly ones with longer USB cords set to provide 5.1 or 5.2 volts, intending to offset cable losses at high currents but still not being too high at lower current levels.


Yes it's one of the many annoying things that often don't work with Sonos. The solution is to not buy Sonos. 

Yes it's one of the many annoying things that often don't work with Sonos. The solution is to not buy Sonos. 

I would just choose to use a PD certified charger, ideally with an E-marker USB-C cable and then there’s likely going to be no issue with the power supplied to the connected device.

I’ve used those with two Sonos Move and two Roam speakers for 3 years+ and they’re still going strong.


I would just choose to make a product that works with a variety of usb chargers, reflecting the usage of the majority of people. But, yeah otherwise your e marker thingy.