Sonos Roam sound dropping with Apple Music

  • 2 June 2023
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My recently purchased Sonos Roam is dropping the sound for a second or so regularly when I play via Apple Music from my phone. 

However, it doesn’t do the same when I play via the Sonos App on the same phone. 

Over a 20 minute period playing through Apple Music, the sound dropped 16 times, but this did not happen when playing through the Sonos App. 

Has anyone experienced anything similar, if so, were you able to resolve?


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Hi @Roland75 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

When you play Apple Music from within the Sonos app, the speaker you instruct to play fetches the music from Apple Music directly.

When you play from within the Apple Music app, however, it is the phone that fetches the music, and it then sends it via AirPlay to the router, which then redirects it to the Sonos speaker. As a result, the process is more complicated and also relies upon the phone’s connection to the network remaining reliable throughout.

I recommend you only play from within the Sonos app if you continue to experience these problems, but you can try to minimise them when using AirPlay by ensuring that the phone, router and speaker are not subjected to interference, and I recommend not keeping the phone on your person if you are moving around while listening.

Reducing wireless interference

I hope this helps.

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Happens the same to Me With My Roam, even with Apple Music in the Sonos App is very sluggish to load a song and there are small skips. If I use Bluetooth the music stops for 1 second every 5 to 20 minutes or so, and using Airplay the music keeps cutting out. I changed my Roam to another SSID but it makes no difference, factory reset and rebooted my network many times but to no avail, as I don’t know how to change the channels and that technical  stuff. It’s a disaster  how   unresponsive is the Tech support here in Mexico  and they don’t even work during weekends, so there is no way