sonos roam configuration on hotel wifi

  • 25 January 2023
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Bought a roam on holiday but can not configure on Hotel wifi so can not use it. Can i Get it to play on Bluetooth without configure to app ? Can it be configure over cellphone 4g ? Without wifi ? Im on holliday now and can not use The device 


Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 26 January 2023, 00:32

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4 replies

You’ll need a travel router.

Borrow a phone and enable it’s WiFi hotspot - then connect your own mobile to that hotspot (with S2 Sonos App) to setup/register the Roam - switch the Roam to use "Bluetooth auto-connect" and BT pair it to your mobile.

Switch off hotspot and hand back the mobile… use Roam on BT for remainder of holiday.

On return home, add your Home WiFi SSID/Credentials to the Roam: (‘Settings/System/Network/Manage Networks’) select ‘Update Networks’ 

Thanks ill try 👍

It worked out just fine . Thanks Ken you saved the holliday.