Roam update Nightmare Loop

I have 2 Roams. 1st works fine. Second is bipolar!

Sequence of events below with my comments in parentheses (...)

App did not fi d or recognise the 2nd Roam.

Factory reset so I can add it to my system via the add product feature.

Roam added but not registered.

Fix it.


Update required 


Error 1014.... continue…

Problem adding to system (it already is)


(Sequence repeats then....)

Software update pop up screen

(Start update button doesn't progress and freezes phone)

(Close app)

(Restart app)

(Sequence repats a 3rd time. But.....)

Checking for updates…

Trouble checking for updates

Try again


There is an update available.…

Start update..

Error 1001

Try again

Error 1001


(But wait.... there's more....)

(Close app and restart app)

There is an update available 


Error 1005

Try again

Error 1005.…

(I have been trying this for the past 7 days now)


End sequence and patience!

My Roam is now a permanent fixture in my wall from launching the f***en thing..…

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