ROAM SL impossible to connect to wifi

  • 25 December 2022
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Merry Christmas everybody :)

I just bought a roam SL to my father for christmas and i have been trying on several devices (3 different iphones, and 2 ipads) to connect the product with wifi and sonos app. But it refuses to do so.

  • I have switched off the “private connection” for wifi network on each device.
  • i have rebooted my router
  • i have reinitialized the roam sl between each try
  • i have logged out; deleted and reinstalled sonos app

Nothing works. I hope someone here can help us.
Thank you



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Hi @LOUP BLANC, welcome to the Sonos Community and Merry Christmas!

If you’re having issues with multiple devices, then it looks like a possible network issue. First, make sure you meet our system requirements and don’t have any unsupported network setups or devices that could cause the Roam SL to not connect. 

Also, are you getting any errors in the Sonos App when trying to set up the device? Even if you’re failing to set it up, I’d wouldn’t recommend factory resetting as we could lose any diagnostic information on what’s causing the Roam SL to not complete setting up.

As you’ve tried with a few different devices already, I’d suggest reaching out to our support team for some live troubleshooting. They have the tools available to troubleshoot and resolve this issue with you.

I hope this information helps!


Hi LOUP BLANC,  I had something very similar to you with my new Roam SL which I received today, it would not connect to my Wi-Fi even though all my other Sonos products connected ok and have been for ages.  I was about to give up and wait for tech support on Monday, when I thought I’d try one last thing…. I had been copying and pasting my Wi-Fi password; when Wi-Fi password was requested by Roam SL setup, I decided on this last attempt  I would manually typed in my Wi-Fi password …it connected and worked immediately…..I hope this work/helps you.  

Thank you @ToonRocks and happy new year! I have tried both without any success :(

Happy new year @Jamie A and Thank you for your reply,

I have iPad and IPhones (old and new ones) connections without any issue on my wifi so i guess it should fit the requirement but i’ll check that assap.

in despair i bought another Roam SL, planning on sending back the first one. Exact same issue.

When first on, the app finds it, connects it, ask for wifi password then take quite some time before messaging that it’s added but it might not appear and i could then restart the speaker and find it later in «system»… which never works. Then i get error about wifi and not finding any sonos product on it. The speaker stays with white led on. 
if i search for Bluetooth devices on the iPad, i find unnamed room Sonos… and can connect to it by Bluetooth. It works but only then from this iPad and not with wifi. 

im going to call the support and ill post the solution if any

sonos is a horrible product. absolute waste of time. my sonos roam sl is stuck in bluetooth and will no longer connect with my wifi system. i do not need to reset my router every time I use this junk. it sees my speaker but only as bluetooth. i spend fruitless time reading all these useless posts and none of them ever solve the problem! sonos is a joke, it should not be this difficult to listen to music.