Roam disconnected from system while on a work trip and I can't use the bluetooth

  • 16 July 2023
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Hello Everyone,

I recently went on an extended work trip and wanted to bring my roam to listen to in the hotel. The bluetooth worked at first but after a week or so, it acts as though it has been completely forgotten by my home system and I can no longer use the bluetooth because it is acting like it has never been set up before.

I tried making a local network on my laptop with the same WIFI network name and password as my home system but the app then wants me to reconfigure all of my devices to the new local WIFI network I made which obviously can’t happen since I am not at home.

Additionally, I have tried adding the roam to the local network but when sonos checks for updates to the app, it gives me an Error 1001.

Any help will be appreciated as I will not be home for at least 2 months and would like to have a decent speaker to listen to. Thank you!



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Hi @jakelj, welcome to the Sonos Community!

The only situation I could see this happening would be if the Roam was Factory Reset. As long as the LED light isn’t flashing green or flashing red, you should still be able to swap to Bluetooth pairing mode.

I do think the extra steps you’ve performed may have locked you into a specific route however, as you’ll likely need to finish the system update before you can use your Roam again. Update Error 1001 means that Sonos can’t make a connection to one or more of your speakers to finish the update and this would be referring to your other speakers at home. As you’re not going to be home for another two months, factory resetting the Roam and setting it up on a separate household from your current system might be the only way to get Bluetooth functionality back.

However, first I would suggest you attempt to follow the Bluetooth pairing steps for the Roam. If you are able to see if the top LED change to flashing blue or solid blue, then you should still be able to pair without update the Roam. If this doesn’t work, then I’d suggest reaching out to our support team for further assistance or additional options to resolve this issue. 

I hope this helps!