i think I got a faulty Roam

Hello all, I think I got a faulty Roam, it was working fine till today, the led light flashes red, if I hook it to the charger, its a solid red. I’ve tried to reset it by long oressing all the buttons to no avail, unfortunately it seems Sonos has no customer service over the weekend in the US, anyone run into this issue? Any thoughts on gow to fix it, or am I stuck with a faulty Roam? Thanks in advance!

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5v/2a 10w is what it says on both chargers

5v/ 2a/ 10w. Says an app permission was disabled. But all permissions are enabled in Android settings

Seems like that matches what Sonos suggests here. Not really sure what the ‘app permissions’ is, as the charger should be going from the wall to the Roam, there’s nothing there with a screen that might talk about ‘app permissions’. I’d recommend that while the Roam is powered on, you submit a system diagnostic, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.

App can't read it because it's not connecting

Then it’s still best that you call in. 

Mine the same, working fine yesterday, now a red or orange looking light that comes on when I plug the charger in then goes off. No amount of charging, pressing the combination of buttons advised work, its just dead

I received my Roam this week and it was DOA.  No amount of charging (using multiple approaches including wireless Qi and direct power - yes with sufficient amp output!) will even turn this speaker on.  I only have an orange light which remains constantly on.  Tech support were friendly but ultimately provided no greater assistance than what was already available on-line.  All the “reset” approaches were undertaken to no avail. 

Organising a replacement Roam was a painful experience.  Over 40 minutes spent with a call-center operator who tried to have me replicate the same troubleshooting steps which an earlier techie had me perform, though one piece of advice was particularly grating “it’s a new device so have you tried holding down the power button for a few seconds longer?”. Really?!? And to answer the question, yes, I did try turning the device on.  I even tried pressing the power button to try and turn the device on (sarcasm people, it’s the lowest form of wit).

Finally, Sonos agreed to process a replacement order but then sent the necessary email to the wrong email address.  A follow-up phone call then took a further 25 minutes to correct their mistake. Having purchased online rather than in-store, I now have to wait a further period until a replacement is provided. This is in addition to the hassle of arranging for the return of the old, defective unit.

Having read through multiple forum entries, there does seem to be a high amount of defective Roam speakers which are simply not operating as intended. It’s been a very disappointing experience and I would query whether this particular product has potentially been rushed to market without appropriate quality controls being implemented.

Anyhoo, the short answer to the question of what to do when your Roam doesn’t power on, or shows a constant orange light, is to expect that you have a defective product which will need to be returned.  Whilst a reset may work for some, it wont assist for all.