Bug report: Rebooting PC (WIN11) while Move 2 is connected causes the speaker to become mute

  • 3 April 2024
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As stated, a really annoying bug occurs constantly when rebooting my system. As the PC shuts down and reboots, I can hear the disconnect and connect chimes from the Move 2. However, no sound (YouTube videos, VLC music, games etc.) can be heard after logging into the windows account. Under windows sound settings, I can see that sound is being transmitted. Notably, the same behaviour does NOT occur if I hibernate the PC, instead of full shutdown/reboot. When I hibernate the PC, again I can hear the disconnect and reconnect chimes from Move 2 and the speaker works as expected.

There are only two ways that I have found to fix this:

1) Disconnect and remove the Move 2 from the system vie Windows Bluetooth settings and then repair the speaker with the windows PC.

2) When the speaker is connected to the PC, go to Settings → Bluetooth&devices → Devices → More devices and printer settings → Move 2 (SONOS 4AC4) → properties → Services and un-tick all Bluetooth services (audio sink, iAP2 Server, Remote Control, Remotely Controllable Device and unknown Service) click “apply” and then re-tick all the services and apply again. While doing so Move 2 will disconnect and reconnect with the PC.

Once this worked by simply un-ticking the “iAP2 server”, however this might have been a fluke.

Option 2, is a marginally better fix than option 1, since at least then I do not need to push any physical buttons.

I make this comment in hopes of helping to troubleshoot this bug. Sonos plz fix.

Other things tried unsuccessfully:
repeatedly connecting and disconnecting Move2 (without repairing the speaker)

Love the speaker, but this kind of Bluetooth clitches are pretty embarrassing for an 800 AUD product.

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2 replies

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Hi @F.Gabbro 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thanks for flagging this behaviour - it does sound frustrating!

I was able to reproduce this behaviour with my Era 300 and Windows 10, but only 2 times out of about 10 attempts - I’m not entirely sure I waited long enough for sound to work the first time (given how things went on other attempts), and the second time, I was unable to open the Windows volume slider which made me suspect the issue was with Windows rather than with the speaker.

I have a colleague who is currently charging his Move 2 prior to testing - I will let you know if we find anything out (his mother-in-law unplugged it to charge her phone, so it’s taking a bit longer than expected 😂).

Although you did use the word “constantly”, could you please confirm that you get no audio after rebooting (not hibernating) the PC every single time? Please also submit a support diagnostic after a PC reboot, while the PC is playing audio and thinks it is connected to your Move 2, and while you hear no audio from your Move 2? Please don’t post the given number here - just let me know when you’ve done it and I’ll be able to find the diagnostic. Thanks

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Hi @F.Gabbro 

One more thought - do you have Always Auto-Connect enabled? If so, please try disabling the option, as Windows should be handling the reconnection by itself. Sonos app » Settings » [room with Move 2] » Always Auto-Connect » Off

I hope this helps.