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  • 10 January 2023
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I have a villa which is rented out Airbnb etc and we have a Sonos system in property and I am looking for best procedures for guests to use the system - do they have to set up a system every time some one new moves into villa or is there a simple method ?


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4 replies

Hi.  They don’t need to set up a new system.  

You can choose whether to provide a controller - an Amazon Fire tablet is a cheap way of doing that.  Or you can tell them how to download the Sonos app and connect to your system.  Do not give them your Sonos account password!  Without that, they cannot get at most of your settings, but can still play music.

I would take out a separate music service subscription for the system.  I don’t think they will be able to add their own accounts without your Sonos password (I think - you had better check that).

If you provide a controller, reset it and then reconnect to your system before any gueats use it (to lock out access to settings).

How often do new guests arrive? Do you tend to have “experts” renting the villa? I ask because the “experts” will customize everything that they can get their hands on. They’ll install their own music services on SONOS and install their own TV Aps. When a client leaves, they may not remove their private Netflix, accounts and such.

It’s a mess, but if you have too many “expert” clients, you may need to factory reset SONOS and TV’s from time to time in order to take out the trash that has been installed by “experts”.

One relatively easy SONOS solution would be to install an Android tablet locked to the wall. If you use “kiosk” mode on the Android it will essentially become a dedicated SONOS controller. I recommend wall mount, not so much to prevent theft, but to prevent someone from accidentally packing the controller with their own stuff as they check out.

Thanks buzz and John appreciate replies

One note about cheap Android tablets -- some are using such an old version of the Android operating system that they cannot install the SONOS controller App.