Deezer x Sonos collaboration

  • 17 October 2023
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Deezer x Sonos collaboration
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We have some exciting news that we would like to share with you all!


As some of you may know, Deezer entered into a long-term partnership with Sonos earlier this year. Since April, Deezer has made an extensive, curated music catalog available to its streaming radio service Sonos Radio and its subscription service Sonos Radio HD.


As most of you might know, Deezer is one of the music services that supports lossless audio in FLAC format (16-bit / 44.1 kHz) by default. No additional subscription is required.


Another cool feature I love is “Flow”, as it combines some of your favorite tracks but can also help you find some new hidden gems you've never heard before but are right up your alley!


These are just a few of Deezer's features, and you can read more about all the great features here.



We wanted to share some exciting developments from this partnership with you.


The Deezer and Sonos communities will work together! 🤝 We have some great things in common, users in the communities, so we want to take advantage of the opportunity and start collaborating here, too. You therefor might see Jaime from Deezer pop up from time to time.


So, what does this mean for the future? - well, keep an eye out as some things might be coming soon😉


Do you already use Deezer? Let us know what you like best about it, and we will give you this cool badge that our German Deezer friend Antje created 🙂



5 replies

I am hoping that this partnership brings atmos music to Sonos radio.  I realize that Deezer doesn’t currently do atmos music via their own streaming service, but it also seems like a miss for Sonos speakers to support atmos music, but Sonos radio doesn’t deliver it currently.

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I really like Deezer as a streaming service and always end up switching back to it so will be interesting to see what the future brings.


Edit: Didn’t actually say what I like about Deezer, well it’s mainly because of my music likes and that the Deezer catalogue meets it. Also it  has worked flawlessly ever since it was added as a service to Sonos and later appreciated the exclusive CD quality that was only for Sonos customers.

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can somebody explain what the differences in Sonos Radio are since Deezer took over. I haven’t noticed any difference...


Je suis ravie de lire cette nouvelle collaboration mais chez moi, Deezer fonctionne très très mal sur SONOS, il ne fait que couper les chansons. J'ai désinstallé et réinstallé l'application dans sonos plein de fois mais rien n'y fait. Ça m'énerve alors je n'écoute plus rien. J'envisage de fermer Deezer et de  vendre tous mes appareils sonos si ça continue car personne ne répond à mes demandes chez Deezer. Ils s'en fichent complètement. Peut être que Spotify ou YouTube fonctionnent mieux ? C'est insupportable d'écouter Deezer sur SONOS chez moi. Merci pour votre éventuelles réponses 

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Nathaline, suggest you contact Sonos directly on their support telephone line and let them look at your system to see what your local issue is.