Sonos access to OneDrive Music Folder

  • 14 December 2019
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I revised things recently when my old computer died, which we used as a local server, including a Music folder that we accessed via SONOS. When we got a new computer, we canned the server idea and placed all our files, including our music folder, onto Microsoft OneDrive. Is it possible to stream from OneDrive? What about some other online repository? Or must it be local?



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30 replies


Google did much the same thing. I am just hoping that Sonos never removes the Local music service as I’m old school and still buy CDs as i like to own the music I’ve bought. 

Me too. I like to own the music, plus I think half of my CD’s have music that you cannot possibly find anywhere else. I mean: I bought a CD in Turkey with Turkish music from the 70’s as a souvenir of a great vacation. Try and find that somewhere!!

So it is either my Music Library on NAS (Synology working well, so far, much better than Buffalo) or -the ideal scenario- my music folder on OneDrive, so that I do not have to worry about backups, and the inevitable mechanical failures of the Synology drive etc. etc.

What is Sonos waiting for?


A really smart guy named Michael Dick developed a tool that let’s you connect OneDrive to Sonos.  I can’t seem to find it right now.


It worked bit when I tried it I lost the connection when my computer restarted.  I’ll have to try again.





Michael Dick’s solution worked for me, legend, and he’s super responsive.

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This is awesome massive Kudos to Michael Dick - OneDrive for Sonos (

Midi s answer did not wrk for me. It took ages to type it all in correctly then I pressed enter and th enter et came back with the word ERROR. Really peeved as I can’t play my music library ,only amazons