Surround speakers stopped working

  • 3 April 2021
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I just installed a Sonos system. It took me a while to get the Arc soundbar (with sub) and the two One SL speakers all connected. Once I turned the TV off and turned it on again, the One SL surround speakers are not producing any sound. The Sonos phone app is seeing them all together in TV Room and the lights on the One SL speakers are white. Any ideas?


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6 replies

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What are you watching? Is it a stereo source? Have you tested a 5.1 source?

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And if you stream music to the room do you get sound from the Ones?


Thanks for your reply!

I figured it out. My Samsung TV uses Anynet. I had to go into Anynet settings and mess around. It has a devices page which I had to refresh. It saw the Arc, and now all speakers are working.

I have the exact same setup. And my surrounds (2x one sl) are not producing any sound when I’m watching regular tv. In the Sonos app it says I’m getting Dolby digital plus. When I watch Netflix or Disney+ I get the full Dolby Atmos experience without any problems and it sounds amazing. But why is there nothing happening with the surrounds when I watch regular tv? Even tough the app says I get DD plus. Tv is an LG CX

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@Foorjo What exactly do you mean by “regular TV”? Are you referring to a cable box? Do you get Dolby Digital Plus audio from “regular TV”?

@GuitarSuperstar  “regular TV” is indeed a cable box. if that’s what it’s called. like all the channels you get with it. And then the sonos app says Dolby digital plus 5.1 but no sound is coming from the surrounds. TV is set to passthrough in audio settings. Because that’s how i get the Dolby Atmos when watching netflix and other build in apps in the TV (LG CX).
When i switch from passthrough to PCM the surrounds produce sound. Also the sound from the sonos ARC changes, voices come from the front speakers and not from the side ones like it does with passthrough. This is all happening when watching Cable box thingy.