speakers and sub turn on and off

  • 23 July 2023
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Speakers and sub go in and out 


Best answer by 106rallye 23 July 2023, 09:16

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9 replies

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Are they turning off, like the lights going out or is the music just stopping playing?

All of them or just one and the Sub. Is it the one the Sub is bonded to?

Power stays on but sounds cuts on and off

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All of them or just one?

If all, which music source are you using?

Sound bar works fine, sub and rear speakers go in and out 


Spotify but don’t really use it on here 

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Do you have the Arc wired to Ethernet? If you do have you turned off the Arc’s WiFi?

Distance isn’t usually a problem with a 5.1 system but how far apart are they?

Does the sound issue also happen when listening to the TV or is it just Spotify?

Do you have any other music sources you could test with?

I don’t play music it’s only when watching tv. I don’t have anything connected to Ethernet everything is WiFi and the soundbar is connected to eArc 

They are not that far apart they are in in the same living room area 

The arc and arc sub should work fine with the era 1 speakers right I would think yes since when the sun does work the speakers are also working 

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The Sub and the speakers are using a dedicated 5Ghz link initiating from the Arc. So it is consistent behavior if they all “misbehave” at the same time when this link is interrupted, as I suspect it is in your case. I’d look at wifi interference on the 5Ghz band.