Sound Issues on Apple TV4k

  • 11 April 2023
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5.1/Atmos stopped working for some reason

We have an Apple TV4k, Arc, Sub and 2 x 100s which have been working fine for the last week. I came downstairs tonight to watch TV and I fire up Netflix and I cannot hear anything. Apple menu sounds work and so does the Netflix logo, menu clicks but as soon as I start a show I get video but no audio. 

I checked if there was an update available on the sonos app and nothing. I checked on the ATV and there was so I updated and was hoping for the best but still no luck. 

Soundbar is connected to eARC and audio pass through is enabled on the TV. If I force the audio output to stereo it works but if I force it to 5.1 it stops working. However if I open the HBO Max app and watch say Tenet it plays fine in 5.1. I am at a loss here! Any help would be great!

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3 replies

As things are working with the other Apps on your Apple TV, I would initially suspect there is an issue with the Netflix App, but maybe first try powering off all (TV/connected peripherals & all HT Sonos speakers). Leave all off for a few minutes and if that doesn’t solve it after powering all back on, perhaps simply try uninstalling and reinstalling the problem Netflix App and see if that then fixes it.

So I read somewhere that cables shouldn’t matter with my setup. I honestly have no idea when I got these HDMI cables and kind of thought upgrading cables was a scam and a ripoff so as a test I got some cheap Amazon 2.1 cables and as soon as I got these plugged in everything started working as normal when I got home today. Let’s hope this was the problem.. will monitor going forward. 

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HDMI cables always matter, especially once you start to push the bandwidth required for 4K UHD, HDR, Atmos, eARC etc

HDMI cables are not Version compliant (2.1, 2.0 etc) instead they are either Certified or non-Certified with Ultra High Speed being the latest and greatest Certification level.

Use the SONOS supplied cable between the TV and the Soundbar.

Any time you update one device it is good practice to power cycle the full system. Power all devices off at the wall, leave for a few mins then power on TV First, then devices connected to the TV and Soundbar last.

You can likely go back to your original cables and all will work as required, unplugging/plugging in new cables forced device to re-handshake.