sonos voice cec controls

  • 22 March 2023
  • 5 replies


Here is an ideea that i think can be implemented.

Use sonos voice control to control tv cec, like play, pause, rewind, next video etc.

Can this be done?

Thank you.

5 replies

How would you differentiate between music and TV commands without making the voice command even longer?

Personally I watch TV with the remote control beside me so would be of little use in my case.

Your Sonos speaker doesn’t know what source is currently playing, so it can’t tell that source to do anything via CEC.  Whatever CEC voice command you give to Sonos would have to be passed to the TV, which then passes it on to the correct source.  I really doubt that Sonos would create such a feature and rely on TVs to handle it correctly.

Note though that I’m not even sure these sort of commands are part of the CEC standard.   Also, Sonos does pass commands to turn on/off the TV via CEC.

Also also, I agree that voice commands are not always a good replacement for a remote control.  Pushing a button is easier than stating a voice command.  Sure, the remote may not always be in arms reach, but you can solve that by getting extra remotes in the places you are likely to be.  Being able to do this by voice would be an added bonus maybe, but if I’m honest, I’m not going to bother to train myself to use voice commands that will only be useful on rare occasions.  That’s been my experience anyway.

CEC implementation already knows key input, so practicaly you transform “next” word into key input. All the android tv devices that connect over hdmi can be controlled via tv remote (all the keys, not only play pause next), the TV forwarding it to the device connected. I think it would be useful when playing some music videos on youtube app, or pausing a movie temporary. Also, sonos speakers know what is playing. I am using an automation process to modify sound based on music/tvaudio/codec used, using a raspberry pi.

Sonos doesn’t control CEC specifications. You’d probably want to suggest your changes to the CEC consortium directly. 

Hey @Airgetlam, i am just suggesting that sonos can implement something new in CEC controls. It only implements volume control for now. But who knows, maybe we can see this in the future.