Sonos legitimacy

  • 31 May 2024
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I think I have been under the wrong impression about Sonos - I thought they were this high-tech company offering premium products.

I purchased Sonos Ray last week and haven't been able to set it up (I have tried every internet tutorial, multiple devices, deleted and reinstalled the app, etc). I have been advised via chat to call the customer service line as the agent can't resolve my issue and thinks I need to speak to someone one the phone.

I have called the customer service number every day for 5 days at different times during the day, waiting at least 50 minutes in the so called 5-minute queue before I give up. Not once have I been able to speak to a human.

I can't believe how expensive these products are and it's impossible to set them up without customer service intervention. It seems like a complete scam, no?

1 reply

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If you bought it last week, what's the problem with returning? 

I bought 2x eras 300 last week. Setup was a tad weird, I'm not sure how much stereo they "actually" do. Spotify is a bit weird to play. 


The only thing that bugs me is no trueplay. 


But for not much more than 300£ a piece, they did what I expected them to do. Fills out room much better than beam. (Yes era 100 would be more appropriate, but fomo!) 

Anyway I mostly play ps 5 and stream videos. 


P.s.  hoping Sonos will have to put actual discounts to make up for what's been going on and snag arc for under 600! :D anyway current "discounts" according to price tracker is not "discounts". Arc been going for 720 for most of past year.