Sonos Arc for Karaoke

  • 7 September 2021
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Hi, I’m trying to set up the Sonos Arc with Apple TV and Behringer Flow 8 mixer to do some homemade Karaoke via iTunes on the Apple TV.  So far, I can Bluetooth the iTunes from the Apple TV directly to the Behringer Flow 8 mixer and blend in the vocals. The problem I’m having is when I output the RCA audio to the Sonos Arc. To do so.. I’ve bought of Amazon a small USB powered RCA to optical and then I use the Sonos Arc Optical adapter to HDMI cable to feed to the Sonos Arc. I then tell the Sonos Arc that I’m using a non e-Arc HDMI feed, but the Sonos Arc will not recognize the signal and in turn, there is no sound. I’m wondering if the problem exists because the RCA to optical signal I’m sending the Sonos Arc, does not include a video signal as well. or is there something else going on.. Note: I tested the Sonos Arc adapter and HDMI cable from the TV’s non e-arc plug to the Sonos Arc and it worked, so it's not that. Thanks :)


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4 replies

The optical audio feed knows nothing about video. Perhaps the Behringer is sending nothing.

Somehow verify that the Behringer is sending audio. You could also send analog audio from another device into the analog to optical converter and verify that it is working. A very crude test would be to look into the converter’s optical output jack and verify that there is a red glow.

Thanks Buzz for your time. You are correct, the error is with the analog to optical converter purchased for 20 bucks off of Amazon. There was a red glow on the analog to optical converter, but it still doesn't work. 

Would you know if there is a way to manually get Sonos Arc to look for non-eArc HDMI cable signals? When I hook up a non non-eArc HDMI cable it seems I have to unplug the Sonos Arc and then plug it back in to try to trigger the Sonos Arc to look for a non-eArc HDMI cable signal by going through the prompts on the app. I guess I wondering if the App has a direct way to tell the Sonos Arc to now search for a on-eArc HDMI cable signal.


Have you proved that there is output from the Behringer? Connect the Behringer’s output to a device that can accept analog input, perhaps an old stereo receiver or a computer.

And no, there is not a way to manually change a Sonos ARC input to be non-ARC. The input requires some sort of ARC (or eARC), which is on different “pins” on the HDMI cable connection. This is why buzz is suggesting optical to the Sonos adapter, which takes optical input (Dolby Digital or stereo only) and coverts it to ARC. And it’s a one way converter, it does not take ARC as an input and convert it to optical.