Sonos Arc cuts out sound when commercials come on

  • 15 February 2021
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That may seem to be a blessing but it is a problem. I’ve got Xfinity on multiple Samsung TVs and only the one attached to my Arc has the problem. Particularly on NBC. The broadcast will go fine but when it cuts to commercials, the sound will cut out. After the commercials end and the main broadcast comes back, the sound pops back up. Also, same symptom on CBS. Never had the problem on other cable channels as yet. The audio on the Samsung is set to Sound Output → Receiver (HDMI-eARC). Under Expert Settings HDMI-eARC Mode is set to AUTO and Digital Output Audio Format is set to Pass-Through. 


I’ve seen  a number of topics, but I didn’t see one that matched this symptom. Seemed to start a week or so ago, but, to my recollection, I had not made any configuration changes during that time frame.


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2 replies

I just solved the problem by turning on SAP. Don’t know why it worked on normal broadcast but not on commercials, but turning on the SAP seemed to fix the problem.

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It sounds like the Arc is having trouble switching from Dolby Digital audio (TV program) to stereo audio (commercials). But I’m glad you figured out a way to get it to work. Just curious… what other options do you have in your TV settings under “HDMI eARC Mode”?