Setup Advice for new consoles and LG CX - Playbar, 2 Gen1 Play1 surrounds

  • 6 April 2021
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I’m lucky enough to have both new consoles and wasn’t really messing around too much with sound when I first got them, but I’ve just upgraded my 2014 LCD to an LG CX and need setup advice. 


I have a Playbar and 2 gen1 Play surround speakers. I know I can’t get Dolby Atmos with this setup but what are the best settings for sound for the consoles?



On Series X I have HDMI audio set to 5.1 uncompressed

On PS5 I had it originally set to Linear PCM but I’ve found Bitstream (Dolby) and Bitstream (DTS) do produce sound...


Very little audio experience and would really appreciate any help! 


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Hi @Socket2me, welcome to the community.


I think the settings you currently have on the Series X are optimal for your setup since you can’t use Dolby Atmos on a Playbar. As for the PS5, I’d stay away from the DTS option as you won’t be getting any real benefit from using that, and it’s likely your TV is doing some conversion to another format anyway since Playbar doesn’t support the DTS codec. Otherwise, it’s completely up to your personal preference. Try a few games with each setting and see if you can tell the difference between them and which one sounds best to your ears. :relaxed: