Ray Samsung One Remote Only works very close (2-3ft) to Ray

  • 27 November 2022
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Hi All, hope you can help….

New Ray owner.  

Problem is Remote only works reliably with Ray if very close (2-3 ft).  

Any ideas much appreciated before I contact Sonos to return. Thank you.


Normal sitting 7ft away, only 10-20% operational so takes ages to change volume up/down.  Repeatedly pressing the volume up/down light on the Ray only flashes about once every 5 or 6 presses.

Diags so far…

* Setup Ray and Samsung One Remote exactly as per instructions.

* Re-Checked all setup steps.  

* Replaced Batteries in remote.  

* Tried an alternate Samsung remote we have (shows exactly same problem).

Reconfigured Remotes to TV - both remotes works perfect when just controlling TV.

* Ray is on a pan flat wooden surface, tried moving back a few inches and close to front of surface (almost hanging over).


9 replies

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I don’t think the ir signal with Samsung TV’s originates from the One remote. In my experience it looks like the remote sends the command via bluetooth and the TV (or the Connect Box) then sends the ir signal. For ir you need a line of sight between emitter and receiver. Can your TV (or Connect Box) “see” the Ray?

Thanks folks, I’d already followed the Sonos / Samsung One guide ….. and then went through it again with Sonos Support.  After that it was still the same, the Samsung One setup guide doesn’t seem to work.

We ended up resetting and using our “backup” Samsung Remote (standard one) which has native IR - that works - it’s not as good as the One Remote for other things but we’re going to try and live with it for a few days and then decide wether or not to return the Ray.

Samsung support were very good and thorough but back to same result… One Remote only 10-20% reliable at adjusting volume.  Other Samsung IR remote 100% reliable.

Thanks again for the suggestions and help above. 👍👍

Im having the same exact issue. There is nothing blocking line of site either.

Yr right (thank you) IR not sent to tv or ray by one remote.

I tested again while covering remote completely and the tv still responds so must be Bluetooth.

thinking now the problem must be between the tv and so is ray not “getting on”.

To answer yr question directly, the tv doesn’t have a transmitter I know if and can’t see the Sonos IR receiver.  The Sonos IR receiver is on its front at the bottom so wd be very tricky to get tv to see it.

in any case I believe now this is either a fault or incompatibility between Samsung TV and Sonos Ray.  Shame but looks like I’ll have to return as it’s unusable as it is.

do you think it will work better withe a Beam (with eARC connection)?

There’s an FAQ on how to change the Samsung remote to use IR rather than Bluetooth here: 


Thats how I have it set up as IR and it doesn't work, appreciate the help though.

Before you return it, it’s worth a call to Sonos support, then. They have access to more information than this community does. 

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Since the Beam gets it’s commands via HDMI-CEC instead of ir there’s no ir problem.

Make me wonder if Samsung has shipped a new remote, that doesn’t include IR, for some reason. Seems like, if they have, and odd choice. I’d think we’re way too early in the CEC transfer process to go that route. Too many devices that still require IR out there.