Multiple rooms with multiple devices

  • 19 December 2020
  • 2 replies

I have an Arc connected to 1 Samsung TV in the living room. I have added a 2nd TV to bedroom. So far it is only TV speakers.  I would like to add a sound bar the the bedroom TV and add a speaker to a small 12x12 sitting area.  My goal is for each to be in the play the same music, but the 2 TVs be independent when watching TV.  

I also am looking to connect a turntable and CD player fro music. 

I have a mesh wireless network.

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2 replies

Is there a question here?

All of the things you have stated will work. You can group all Sonos speakers, and for music, they will all be in sync.

Connecting both a turntable and a CD player is mildly challenging, all Sonos devices with an analog input, namely the Sonos Amp, the Sonos Port, and the Sonos Five all have one analog input. So, you’d need to put a physical switch between the two source devices and the Sonos input. My recommendation is usually either the Port, or the Sonos Five. The Amp should only be used if you’re driving your own speakers.

Mesh networks can be troublesome for Sonos devices, due to the way they work. I’d recommend using a ‘wired’ network, as discussed in the the wired and wireless modes FAQ.

Thanks for the response. I do have a where’d Cat6 network with an unmanaged switch.