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Hi all, 

Received my mini sub this morning and I've fallen at the first hurdle, it will not connect to my Sonos system. Current setup is Beam (gen2) and two SL Ones.

Plugged the sub in, solid white light. Go to the Sonos app, Settings > system > add product....and the app just cycles through the WiFi animation and doesn't find anything. I've still got the solid white light.

I've looked at the WiFi, and there's no new device that shows up. So it suggests the sub isn't even finding the network?

Any clues??






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Because I just received one, tried to work out the problems and then came here. Perhaps it could have been resolved or noted before now? This thread started a few months back.

As I did mention earlier in the thread, it’s easy to resolve, for those familiar with Sonos products already, but a little more is needed for the new user, but this thread is quickly found via the forum, or a Google search.

Perhaps it was a sample speaker pulled for a random quality-check and not reset before packaging, or just not reset post initial firmware install/update?

I accept it’s not great and I’m sure Sonos are aware, but with thousands of devices made/sold each day I guess such occasional minor mistakes are inevitable in any mass production line, despite all the stringent checks put in place.

I can think of far worse things in life than the odd device that needs a quick reset before first-time setup.

This is just ****
using the same method as the others the system found itself. But now it says that it’s updating and updating. Now I can’t even pair it. And it’s been like this for a while now. 

This is just ****


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You’ll need to factory reset it to get it to work. There is no way around the condition they’re shipping.