LG OLED B6 + Sonos Arc + Firestick 4k

  • 6 January 2021
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As the title states, I am having issues with the following configuration:


Sonos Arc plugged into HDMI ARC with sub and surrounds

Xbox one x plugged into HMDI 1

Firestick 4k plugged into HDMI 3|4

Harmony hub and remote for control

I have no issues getting sound to output when I use my set activities on harmony for Xbox or any internal apps through the tv. 


  1.  Activity to play xbox.  Tv turns on and input is set to HDMI 1 and Xbox turns on.  Sound output works on Sonos Arc.
  2. Activity to watch Tv.  Tv turns on and input is set to live tv.  I can use any of the internal tv apps and sound output works on Sonos Arc.
  3. Activity to watch Firestick. Tv turns on and input is set to HDMI 4.  No Sound comes out from Sonos Arc.  Even if I switch to other inputs/activities the issue persists. 

To resolve this I have to switch to either LG tv input or Xbox input and try to stream something.  Turn tv off and launch either scenario 1 or 2 and Sonos works again.  I can then switch to Firestick activity/input and Sonos keeps working properly.  

I have already tried to troubleshoot with Sonos support.  The first rep told me that my hdmi cables may be loose and had me try unplugging and replugging and trying a different HDMI cable.  Based off the scenarios, the HDMI cable is not at fault.  Second rep I talked to was more knowledgable and said that its possible that one of the external connected devices is trying to hijack the HDMI ARC port.  This would make sense if scenario 1 failed and acted the same as scenario 3.  It basically came down to finger pointing and stating its not a sonos problem.     


I have switched the firestick 4k from HDMI 3 to HDMI 4 to test if its the specific port. 

Factory reset the firestick in case there were any settings from my old fire tv that may have caused the issue.

Tried with HDMI CEC device control on and off as well as Equipment control on and off within the Firestick settings.  

Will also try to plug Firestick into HDMI 1 to test.  

As certain apps are not available on the B6 such as HBO MAX and Xfinity, I was hoping that the firestick would simplify the process where one streaming device/input/activity button could be used since older and less technical people are in my household.  Its also great to get jabs from the wife on how great an “upgrade” the new soundbar is when it never works for her and how she doesnt want to go through a “process” to get it to work when I am not around. 

If anyone has a similar setup that works properly please let me know as well as any settings that need to be changed within the TV or the Firestick.  Any feedback or insight is much appreciated.  




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Have you tried these scenarios without using the Harmony - ie simply select the HDMI inputs using the LG a remote?

I have tried removing Harmony out of the equation.  Since the LG powers on to last input used, regardless of if I use the harmony or regular LG remote it will power on to the input assigned to Firetv and audio will not work.  

That is another downfall of LG is that it always powers on to last input used.  If my tv powers up to the input used by the firestick then audio will not work.

I can always reproduce the issue.  If I turn off the tv on live tv input or the xbox and turn on the tv audio will always work and I can switch over to firestick and audio will continue working.  If I turn off the tv after watching the firestick, the tv will power on even though I pick another activity to the last input used which was firestick and audio will not work.

Anyone with an OLED tv using firestick 4k(or any amazon device) with Sonos?  At this point it seems to be an issue with the Firestick.  I would like to know if anyone else with this setup experiences the same issue or if its possibly I got a bad firestick hdmi connection.

I have plugged in the firestick to HMDI 1 and my xbox into HDMI 3.  Firestick works as it should and now the xbox has the issue.  It seems as though the two hdmi ports on the back of the tv(port 3 and 4) are not doing the HDMI - CEC handshake properly as I can reproduce the issue with the xbox.  Very disappointed that I can only use one HMDI input as the HDMI ARC port is taken by the Sonos.  I understand that most people will be using an AVR and run only one hdmi into the tv but as more people use soundbars I would think that someone else has come across this issue….or my back ports are moving to failure.