LG 77 OLED and Sonos Playbar setup

  • 1 January 2021
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So I am upgrading my TV and have Sonos surround set up the following way:

Sonos playbar

Sonos sub

sonos amp connected to 2 non Sonos ceiling rears

cable box (Fios)


i really do not think it’s worth upgrading to ARC (my wife might throw me out) unless it’s really worth it. I’m assuming connect HDMI 2 from cable box to TV and optical from TV to play surround. What audio settings should I use on LG? With this speaker setup is ARC really superior? Looking forward to getting it running. Any replies greatly appreciated. I am big Sonos fan have amp,to outside speaker

, another 5.1 setup and 5 other play ones throughout house. 


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Hi @mschneider60

Welcome to the Sonos Community. Thanks for reaching out to us and letting us know about your concern. Let me help you with this.

The Sonos Playbar can be connected to your LG TV using the digital optical cable. Once Playbar is connected, the app will walk you through how you can add your Sonos Amp as surround and your Sub. There'll be a 70ms delay on the Sonos Amp. All Sonos home theater products are compatible with stereo / PCM, Dolby Digital 5.1 / AC3 auto formats. You may consult your TV’s manual for more information on its supported audio formats. 

The Sonos Arc creates immersive, 3D sound experiences with 6 front-firing woofers, 2 up-firing woofers, and 3 tweeters to bring Dolby Atmos and other hi-res audio technologies to Sonos for the first time.

Hope this helps. We can wait for suggestions and feedback from our Sonos community members, they might provide additional information about this. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have further questions or concerns, we’ll be glad to assist you.

Thanks for the info. Would the ARC provided a much better experience or given my current setup that should be more than sufficient?

Does the ARC have a big difference in dialog clarity? Thanks


With a PLAYBAR, you can’t use ARC, as Rowena mentioned. If you’re sticking with the PLAYBAR, the quality of the sound would be no different, even if you could use ARC. Dolby Digital across ARC and optical is exactly the same.

The problem is it’s not really clear in either of your posts whether you are talking about ARC (Audio Return Channel), a method by which audio can be carried, or the Sonos Arc (note, not all caps), a speaker made by Sonos.

Rowena mentioned the advantages of using a Sonos Arc, which would probably connect to your TV using either ARC or eARC, and provide the possibility of Atmos, if the source is encoded in it. Which, in my experience so far, is relatively small. 

For now, in an effort to promote domestic harmony, I’d suggest you’re not really in the market yet for the Sonos Arc. It’s a great device, but it isn’t worth being thrown out, at least yet. Give it several months, until there is much more Atmos content available to have it be a more significant difference.


Edit: Removed all caps in Sonos Arc for clarity

Thank you very much for the info