Good Surround Sound require trueplay?

  • 24 November 2022
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New user here.  I bought a Sonos Arc, Sub, Amp and a pair of Sonance Mag8r for our rear surrounds in a Den/Home Theater setup.  I now learned that the Mag 8r’s do not work with Trueplay.  Am I better off exchanging them for a pair of architectural 6 1/2” speakers and use the 8r’s in the kitchen for stereo speakers.  If I did that, I’m guessing it will work off of the amp using a separate zone for the kitchen? Thanks for the help


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3 replies

Yes, the Amp ‘bonds’ with the Arc to receive the surround signal across a 5Ghz hidden channel. 

And yes, that is why a second Amp is necessary. It can’t drive both surrounds and a second ‘room’ at the same time. 

Thanks.  OK, So lets say I keep these Mag8R’s in the den and pass on trueplay.  Does the Arc work with the amp to send surround signals to them?  If, so, it doesm’t seem like I could operate a pair of architectural speakers in the kitchen off of the same amp anyway.


You’ll get differing opinions as to how good TruePlay is. I’m on the side of ‘if your speaker placement is good, it doesn’t make a significant difference’. Which is probably why I’m less fussed about Android devices not having access to it. It’s just not a requirement, it’s sometimes a ‘nice to have’. 

However, if you were to get a pair of the Architectural Sonance speaker that do work with TruePlay, you would then need a second Amp to drive the pair of speakers in the kitchen.