Good Surround Sound require trueplay?

  • 24 November 2022
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New user here.  I bought a Sonos Arc, Sub, Amp and a pair of Sonance Mag8r for our rear surrounds in a Den/Home Theater setup.  I now learned that the Mag 8r’s do not work with Trueplay.  Am I better off exchanging them for a pair of architectural 6 1/2” speakers and use the 8r’s in the kitchen for stereo speakers.  If I did that, I’m guessing it will work off of the amp using a separate zone for the kitchen? Thanks for the help


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3 replies

You’ll get differing opinions as to how good TruePlay is. I’m on the side of ‘if your speaker placement is good, it doesn’t make a significant difference’. Which is probably why I’m less fussed about Android devices not having access to it. It’s just not a requirement, it’s sometimes a ‘nice to have’. 

However, if you were to get a pair of the Architectural Sonance speaker that do work with TruePlay, you would then need a second Amp to drive the pair of speakers in the kitchen.

Thanks.  OK, So lets say I keep these Mag8R’s in the den and pass on trueplay.  Does the Arc work with the amp to send surround signals to them?  If, so, it doesm’t seem like I could operate a pair of architectural speakers in the kitchen off of the same amp anyway.


Yes, the Amp ‘bonds’ with the Arc to receive the surround signal across a 5Ghz hidden channel. 

And yes, that is why a second Amp is necessary. It can’t drive both surrounds and a second ‘room’ at the same time.