Can't configure Samsung remote to work with new Ray

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Thanks 106rallye, that is the very article I followed.

Update: so it seems, the remote sort of works. However, I literally need to be right next to the Ray to actually adjust it’s volume with my Samsung remote.

If I move more than about 3 feet away, the remote does nothing. So, if I am sitting on the sofa about 8 feet away, I cannot adjust the volume. I have to get up and stand directly in front of the Ray/TV, and voila, I can adjust the volume using the remote.

Now my question is how to I get this thing to work in a normal usable manner?

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The Ray does not have an HDMI connection to the one connect box. Optical only.  Which means the Samsung remote is indeed transmitting IR to the Ray to control volume. 

I actually got the Ray to set-up with my 2022 65” Samsung Frame after several days of trying.  I just wanted to give an update to let you know what worked for me.  

I first turned my Ray upside down to make sure that the signal from remote got to Ray.  In the Sonos app I actually had set-up as an IR remote turned off.  I followed the directions in this link exactly:  When I got to step 6 in set-up I hit done anyways even though the Ray was still not responding to the remote.  I went back in to set up another device as it stated in step 7, but ended up backing out of the set-up process when it got to selecting the brand because I thought there is no way this remote is going to work.  After, that I remembered I had not turned IR on in the Sonos app and went back in and turned it on and sure enough it worked.  I have the Ray sitting on our dresser underneath the television.  At set-up I had the frame box sitting next to the Ray and it worked perfectly from any angle or distance.  When i tried to hide the Frame box behind the dresser again the signals to the Ray were not working.  As soon as I moved the box next to the Ray again it worked again.  Hope this helps someone!

Yes you are correct on this setup. Here’s whats happening.

The Samsung Frame has a One connect box. On the end where the USB port is, there is an IR emitter hidden inside the vents. You can see it flash IR with your camera on your phone as you press volume up or down once you have added a device to the Samsung Universal remote section. This will be a line of sight control to the Ray. then go into Sonos and do the TV remote setup with IR ON.

If you cannot place the One Connect box near the Ray, add a simple IR repeater to this setup and you’ll be good.


So are you saying that you either need to (a) have the One Connect box in front of the Ray or (b) use and IR Repeater?

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Could this be a “line of sight” issue? As I understand it Samsung TV’s or the Connect box will emit the ir signals when the remote is configured for ir. At least that’s how my Connect box (2019 Samsung QLED) commands my TV provider’s settop box that is in the same space in the cabinet the TV is resting on. 

If the line of sight between the TV/Connect box and the soundbar is inhibited, the signal won’t reach the soundbar. When you are standing close to the soundbar, the ir signal could reflect off your body and so reach the soundbar.

Hello all, sorry if my description is not exact but I SOLVED, I have a Samsung tv frame 55”, the box of the tv is occult in a cabinet and my Sonos ray model s36 is avode the tv stand, the remote control uses RF, not IR but any occasions IR works, work to control volume to my Sonos ray. 

following next steps

  1. in your remote control touch the home button
  2. in the menu, select source 
  3. navigate until finding config universal remote control
  4. select new 
  5. home theater
  6. Sonos brand
  7. optical audio uoput
  8. the following is a power on test, it is an iteration between the codes that samsung has to test and try to control my sound bar, but the IR signal is sent from the Samsung box, so as we have seen this would not work but my solution was to launch the test, select yes when it asks me if the test worked, and then test if the volume up and down keys already work with my control, if it doesn't work I do the steps again until I'm back in power on test and select and try the next one.

It worked for me in the second iteration


This option works for my Samsung. 

FWIW, I have made progress. What I have done is put the Ray on top of a couple of Jenga blocks. I think this little bit of elevation allows the remote to “see” the sensor at the bottom of the Ray. Now I am able to adjust the volume from any point in the room using my Samsung remote.

I enter the model number s36 but its not recognized on the device. Is there an alternative?



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What’s an s36?

Pretty sure that’s the Ray’s ‘designation’, although it’s extremely unlikely that any TV manufacturer would know/use it. The key is to get the TV remote to use IR, the Ray will ‘learn’ whatever is then presented to it. There is no ‘preset’ set of IR codes that Sonos uses, for any of their devices, to my knowledge. 

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Turns out the seasons on the Sonos was obscured (it’s not idea but this friend wanted in a bookshelf above the tv). Also the Samsung remote has a limited range. It works up to about 12 feet or so away. Any further and the Ray does not register volume changes.  It’s still a bit wonky but general works the way my friend wants now. One small remote to control everything.  She doesn’t use a cable box but an app from her cable company to stream  sports.  Everything else is through a streaming app. 

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Great it kind of works for your friend now, but your post does not make much sense to me, especially reading the rest of this thread.

“Also the Samsung remote has a limited range. It works up to about 12 feet or so away.”

In my experience the Samsung bluetooth remote works from a lot further away. Could it be a wonky battery?

”Any further and the Ray does not register volume changes.”

If, as I read above, the bluetooth remote sends a signal to the TV, that, depending on the model, either sends an ir-signal itself or has the Connect box send an ir-signal, it’s not the Ray that receives the signal from the remote. In this case it’s always only the distance between TV (Connect box) and Ray that counts, not the distance between remote and Ray.

Tried both and Imindiola’s solution is easiest.


Also found it described here:


Add via Sonos App and add via Samsung Universal Remote in settings as above.  Select “No” to first power test and “Yes” to the second (even though the power test doesn't seem to work).

Thank you! After a couple of frustrating hours, this is the only thing that worked for me.