Before I shell out $200 for the HDFury Arcana 18Gbps...

  • 14 August 2021
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...I just want to see if there are any upcoming updates that will solve the compatibility problems between the Apple TV 4K and the Arc.

My LG TV has eArc and it’s set to passthrough, and the program material on the Apple TV is Atmos, but the Atmos doesn’t go through to the Arc.  (Neither does 5.1 unless I do some finessing in the Apple TV, which shouldn’t be necessary considering the cost of the Arc.)

I have the option of watching the programs through the LG TV onboard apps, and those pass Atmos through to the Arc just fine, but the video quality on those onboard apps is g.a.r.b.a.g.e.

Is this ever going to be solved?


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  1. Sonos doesn’t pre-announce what is coming in software releases, unfortunately, and frequently doesn’t even post a “bug fixes” without any specifics, you just have to assume there were bug fixes and what they might be, since there was a software release.
  2. The Apple TV uses MAT, for most Apple apps, and not Dolby Digital Plus, which most apps would use. You might look at changing the audio settings on your Apple TV to transfer the output from MAT to Dolby Digital, or Dolby Digital Plus. 
  3. The ability to pass MAT is the responsibility of the system in the TV, which was created by LG, so they’re the only ones who could potentially tell you if they’re updating the OS running on the TV. Unfortunately, LG doesn’t tell Sonos either when, or what will be fixed in the next TV OS update. 
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Thank you for the info!

So, is the issue that the LG TV isn’t passing the MAT signal through (as opposed to the Arc not knowing what to do with the MAT when it receives it)?

I sure wish Apple would stop trying to be different...just use the formats that are proven to work, ya jerks.  :-|


Likely so, in my opinion. You could double check by using the settings on the Apple TV to transfer all output to Dolby Digital, and check to see if that works (it does on my Vizio, which also doesn’t appropriately pass through Atmos).

When connected through the Arcana, completely pulling the TV out of the equation, the Arc responds to MAT just fine. 

I get you on the whole Apple thing. They just want (I think) to be on the bleeding edge, and MAT is much more capable than other formats. Just not a ton of TVs can pass it properly, although an appropriately programmed eARC connection should do so. But so far, that’s pretty rare, so Apple once again frustrates the rest of us who try to mix and match outside of the Apple ecosystem. 

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I have had some luck with switching the Apple TV output to Dolby Digital, and that makes for a fun adventure to see what will show up on the Arc, but it really is good to know that it’s the LG passthrough that’s the linchpin here. 

I appreciate the vote of confidence on the Arcana. I just ordered one, which will probably hasten an LG firmware fix (ha), but even then it will be worth it. 

Thanks again for the valuable feedback!