Beam + Sub + 2 One SL not connecting

  • 30 August 2021
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Hello! Beam is not connecting with Sub and 2 surround's One SL. When I reset system and put 2 One Sl and Sub in another room it’s ok (2 One Sl stereo + sub) But then i’m trying to connect Beam + Sub or Beam + surround's One Sl there is problem with connecting, try one more and more, but it is not help. then It looks like Lounge Beam (+?) 


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5 replies

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Is WiFi enabled on the Beam’s settings in the Sonos app?

You might be experiencing wireless interference. Read more about reducing interference here:

What model router are you using?

You might also try wiring the Beam directly to the router.

Wifi is enabled on the Beam. I’m using MikroTik hex s + Ruckus R320.  

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The Ruckus AP might be causing the problem. Read more here:


Have you tried wiring the Beam directly to the MikroTik with an ethernet cable yet?

Not yet

Yes!!!!!) Wired Beam connecting surround's and sub without problems. Thank you so much! I should learn wireless connection beam + ruckus AP?