Beam Gen2 Setup Issues

  • 4 December 2022
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I’ve just purchased a Beam Gen2.  This is connected to my Sony TV to which I also have a Sky Q box and Nintendo Switch connected.  Beam is connected via the Sonos supplied HDMI into Arc.

I have a couple of issues that hopefully someone can help with:

  1. When I use the sky remote the TV volume adjusts in jumps of 2.  These are odd numbers, so 7,9,11 etc - particularly annoying as I normally use 10 or 12 for standard viewing.  Any ideas how to achieve increments of 1 as I can without Beam connected.
  2. The sound drops out and then returns completely randomly.  Never had this problem before.
  3. How do I find where to do the “calibrate speaker to your room function”?  It appeared on my phone during setup and then disappeared when the Beam decided to update.

I actually purchased 2 Beams but based on this may be returning both!  The other Beam is for use with a Pioneer TV.  Really frustrating as my Play 5 (not connected to s TV) is fantastic.  Any help will be great.  Thanks.


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1. I doubt you can do anything about the volume increments.


2. Set your TV settings to this:

eARC: Auto

Digital Audio Out: Auto 1

Dolby Digital Plus Output: Dolby Digital Plus

Pass Through Mode: Auto


On the Sky Q, set the Digital audio output HDMI setting to Dolby Digital Plus.


3. Perform Trueplay tuning by following these instructions:

Thanks for your help.  Appears to have done the trick👍