Beam Gen 2 loses eArc connection to Samsung S95

  • 22 October 2023
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Samsung S95B 65” (firmware 1520)

Apple TV 4K (iOS17)

Sonos Beam Gen 2 (latest firmware)

I have the AppleTv connected into HDMI 1

i have the Sonos Beam Gen 2 connected into the HDMI 3 eARC.

CEC is switched on.


For the past 9 months since getting the setup everything has worked perfectly. The TV has switched on with the Apple Remote, the input defaults to HDMI 1 and audio plays out the soundbar be default.


2 weeks ago, this all stopped. Whenever I turn the TV on with the Apple TV remote and use the AppleTV apps the Samsung Tv no longer sees the Sonos Beam and defaults to TV Speaker.


The only way to fix it is by switching off the Beams power disconnecting the HDMI and reconnecting, the TV then sees the Beam again, reinitialises the connection and continues to play audio from the Beam.

As soon as I switch the tv off again… later that day, turn it back on and I have to repeat the same process. CEC isn’t being disabled and no config is changing in the TV settings, it just won’t see the Sonos on when it starts up.

Attempted fixes

I’ve factory reset all devices, changed all the HDMI cables, and none of these things have made a difference.

Potential causes?

Sonos recently released an update for the Beam 2 and Samsung released an update for the TV at roughly the same time and the issue has occurred since then.

Next Steps

I know there are multiple questions on here, and Samsung forums with other users all experiencing the same issue with the same Hardware. Neither side can understand if it’s a Samsung or Sonos issue or how to fix it.


Can we start a thread of users with the same issue and see if Sonos will look at the issue?



Corry P 3 months ago

Hi @JamesBuk et al

There was a similar issue recently whereby Beams would have no audio when playing TV audio coming from certain Samsung TVs, which has now been resolved. As your TV and Beam seem to be losing the connection between them, however, this seems like a different issue. I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports.

I hope this helps.

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49 replies

I am having the same issue with my Samsung TV since the last month. It loses the eArc connection and I have to keep restarting it. This is so annoying!

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As mentioned in my other comment, disabling eARC did the trick for me. But with the loss of Atmos.

Just to flag up - yes I’ve read all the notes - I’m having the same issue. Sonus Beam V2 and Samsung QE55S95B. Only fix is to turn it off but this only works temporarily… the whole point of getting the v2 was for Atmos…

It's definitely a Sonos issue, because I don’t have my Samsung TV autoupdating firmware and they haven’t released one in a year. It's pretty annoying and useless for a Soundbar that doesn’t work most of the time without constant restarts. Sonos needs to fix this ASAP.

How do you turn off auto-updates in the settings on your TV? I’d love to do that, but can’t find the settings. 

I have the same problem with the same setup beam gen 2 and Samsung s95b. Hope there will be a fix soon 

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I have the same problem with the same setup beam gen 2 and Samsung s95b. Hope there will be a fix soon 

you can catch up with my post i always update if there is a fix for this issue. i am in constant contact with the sonos team.

I appear to have maintained the link to the beam gen 2 Sonos Earc sound for the last week without having to switch beam off/on to reboot. Done nothing special and even adding a mini sub a few days ago has not broken the spell. Will update if it needs be rebooted in the future. 
I am based in uk

So I just got a samsung s95c and sonos beam gen 2 - should i avoid any firmware update on both devices? Is that even possible? Not sure if its going to force updates…

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DanyAlva  -  See your other post for a full response

Just upgraded to a Gen 2 Beam and having the same issue with my Samsung Q90R TV. Wish I’d stayed with my Gen 1 Beam! 

I, has this issue been solved? Just bought a Beam 2 for my Son....

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I, has this issue been solved? Just bought a Beam 2 for my Son....

no until now sonos not fix this issue.

I have this same issue with the Beam 2 and Samsung S90C.

Problems are still there...  please fix it

Facing same issue with S90C and Beam gen 2. I talked to the Sonos support and they said that the problem is TV’s HDMI prioritization. After reading the comments here it looks like Sonos beam’s problem. How have they still not fixed it?

It would be nice to have a formal updated response from Sonos to this problem.  Too much to ask?

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Hi @Geoff rippington 

At present, I have no further information to share, but we are working on it.

I too have same issue with Samsung s95b and sonos beam 2, powering down both just to get earc to,work is ridiculous.

I’m also having the same problem for a while. It is really annoying!!! I also have the Samsung s95b and Sonos Beam 2. If I disconnect the power of the Sonos and then plug it in again it works untill I shut down the TV. When I start the TV again the Sonos doesn’t work and I have to do the same thing again. 

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I read turning off eARC and just using Arc helps. This does not necessarily result in you losing Atmos - most apps use DD+ to transport is, which only needs ARC.

Same issue with Sonos Beam (Gen 2) and S95B. Will try disabling eARC for the time being, but would really love this to be fixed!

Try leaving the Samsung TV on standby when not in use. It should maintain the HDMI state, allowing SVC to turn on the TV if required.

The TV standby power consumption is of the order of 0.5W, minor compared to that of the Beam. 

Same issue...Samsung S95B was working fine for a few months until a sonos update now I have to power cycle every time to get the TV to recognize the beam 2.