Arc/Firestick conflict? Issues since S2 15.10 update. (Now on 15.11)

  • 21 January 2024
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A bit of background  

Received our Arc March 2023. Setup is Arc, Play 1’s surround, gen1 sub, Samsung OLED 77 A2PUA. Arc connected to Ethernet. Current gen Firestick for content (dislike Samsung native). System worked/sounded great, no issues. 8 months. 


Following the November 16 15.10 update I started getting very loud over-driven-speaker sound blasts. Not “pops” that this update was supposed to fix. Plus garbled, echoey, reverb-like audio from the surrounds. 


Came here to the forum and posted this very loud blast of sound when TV turne on (not having completed any research 🧐). Followed advice given, contacted Sonos support and opened a ticket. The tech looked at the diagnostic, told me “it’s a known issue” and initiated the return process. That is a whole other story, see here if interested, DITTO: “HELP! I am trying to return a faulty Arc”…sonos support is terrible so far!


So, received a refurbished Arc and…same problems. Sent 2 diagnostics, opened a ticket, was told nothing is wrong with the system. 


Now, having a bit more familiarity as a result of this forum, started digging around in the threads. Result was 1 - pull the Ethernet cable to disable the Sonos network (wi-fi is ASUS mesh setup, 800+Mbps) and 2 - use native apps on the tv rather than the Firestick. (I know, shouldn’t change two variables blah, blah, blah.) Anyway, yippee, problem solved!


Then…native tv Hulu Live crashed and wouldn’t come back following numerous power cycles, opens and closes. So…back to the Firestick. And…boom, static blasts and echo/reverb. 


So, today’s question, is this a Firestick/Sonos conflict of some sort? Sure seems like. 


Meanwhile, the native Hulu Live app is working again so I can watch today’s games.


I’ll revert to Ethernet Sonos setup tomorrow and see what happens.


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Beam and Arc seem to be working with our Firesticks. All Ethernet connected.