Adding an AMP to home theatre / Beam

  • 6 November 2021
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I have a beam (gen1) in the home office. - audio and TV  Also own an amazing legacy pair of floor standing speakers gathering dust.  I’d like to add them to the home office for surround sound.  If I  order the amp, can i pair it with the beam to deliver surround sound?



9 replies

Yes, see the FAQ:

setting up Amp or CONNECT:AMP as surround speakers 

Yes you can. See this support document :

It’s a bit similar to the Connect:Amp HT setup, except that the new Sonos Amp connects wirelessly/direct to the main HT product. So no wiring to the main player (Beam) is needed for the new Amp.

Note: the other ports on the back of the Amp are disabled when it’s being used for HT surround purposes.

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If you get the amp, you might wan to try it connected via HDMI to the TV and the floorstanders placed either side of the TV before configuring it to driving the rear channels… you might change your plans.

It’s for these bay boys - Rega ELA MK1’s circa 1990.  Been in a box for 20 years, time to fire them up.



I have considerable sympathy with @Belly M ‘s comment about trying the Amp and your speakers at the front.  I fear they may be wasted as surrounds.  An Amp could be used standalone with your speakers for music and you could add One SLs to the Beam to get surround sound.  Or use the Amp and speakers for TV as well, and sell the Beam.

Yes, buy the Sonos Amp, but experiment with different configurations.

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It’s for these bay boys - Rega ELA MK1’s circa 1990.  Been in a box for 20 years, time to fire them up.



My… what a beautiful pair you have there Sir, direct decent from Royd. These would be wasted used as surrounds. After 20 years in storage…hope they are ok but worry not there are methods of freeing them up of the gunk.

Well the amp is back ordered until the end of the year.  These would be rear speakers based on the room setup to replace 2xOne’s currently on stands 

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Thanks @Belly M except I’m in the US :-(