why does Arc mic turns on and off on its on regularly?

  • 25 August 2023
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I have an Arc and the mic turns on and off without warning at random times. It makes a tone every time this happens. It does it with music or the tv. I called sonos and got a replacement, but that didn't fix the issue. How is this happening with a capacitive touch button when nothing is touching it?

Is the device just designed horribly and there is no fix?

34 replies

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This could be accidentally I think… to be sure if your device is affected of the hardware problem or not, I would call Sonos support to check this. 

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As I stated in a thread elsewhere:

Microphone randomly turning on or off on new Sonos Arc (with Google Assistant AND Sonos Voice Control).

Tested with various set-ups and input-sources. Took me 1 phone call with Sonos on Friday 26 January 2024. Monday 29 January 2024 in the morning a brand new Arc was delivered (from Poland to Holland). Tested it and the issue did not manifest. Free shipping for returning the faulty Arc. Good performance Sonos!!! I am very satisfied and happy!

Case closed.

I’ve added a port and turntable to my system (Arc, sub gen3, 2x era300’s) recently and when i play a record the microphone on my Arc keeps turning on and off even after switching it off physically. I’ve had to disable Sonos voice control on the app. 

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@Drew12: Same here. Solved! Just contact Sonos. They will replace the Arc. Read above.

I just got the Arc yesterday and the mic is turning on and off on its own.


I am on hold with Sonos. Hopefully it doesn't take too long. Glad there is a forum here.

There seems to be no way to stop the speaker from tuning on the Mic.

I don’t like to thing someone could listen in to my home.

I called Cust service and was told there is nothing that can be done.


Down right irritating.



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Imho that should not be the way to handle this known hardware issue. Normaly Sonos will send you a replacement if they had checked your device and are sure it’s that bug. I would try again to call support team. 

There is a hardware fault with a batch of units. Contact SONOS support.

I started getting this just about a week ago after no issue since January. I disabled Sonos voice control and it is gone now. No more ping pongs.