why does Arc mic turns on and off on its on regularly?

  • 25 August 2023
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There seems to be no way to stop the speaker from tuning on the Mic.

I don’t like to thing someone could listen in to my home.

I called Cust service and was told there is nothing that can be done.


Down right irritating.



I have the same issue (Sonos Arc connected to an LG TV via HDMI eARC, and am using Alexa as my voice assistant).

The microphone goes on and off quite randomly, which makes voice control almost unusable. Disabling touch controls is not an option as I use them often to adjust volume. 

It is probably best to submit a Sonos system diagnostic report from within the Sonos App, note it’s reference and then contact/chat with Sonos Support Staff via this LINK and see what the Staff can perhaps suggest to resolve the matter.

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@Nadezhda C.

There‘s a known hardware issue with some Arc devices as mentioned above. If you contact Sonos support as @Ken_Griffiths suggested I would point to this and probably they will prompt a replacement of your Arc. But they have to check this. 
In the meantime you can turn of hardware touch buttons in Sonos app settings to avoid the ping pong on off behavior. 

I’ve also had this issue a few times now in addition to the voice control turning on and off repeatedly while making a ding sound every time.  Tech support did something remotely to “fix” the voice control but as soon as my kids started playing Xbox it started doing it again.  Hasn’t happened with the tv since the fix but the random high pitch sound while muting the tv randomly happened again tonight.  I’ve had this ARC for about 2 weeks with multiple issues.  A bit disappointed with the problems so far and working with tech support is a bit of a nightmare.  Going to try and get this new issue resolved and cross my fingers nothing new crops up.  

I’m experiencing the same problem with a new ARC. The issue started right after I installed it. I’m using Google Assistant.

Did you ever figure out this issue? I am experiencing the same thing. I have a Sonos Arc hooked up to an LG C1 TV via HDMI eARC, and am using Alexa as my voice assistant. When audio is coming from the TV, I hear the microphone turning itself on and off. It happens randomly, usually every few minutes though.

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Imho that should not be the way to handle this known hardware issue. Normaly Sonos will send you a replacement if they had checked your device and are sure it’s that bug. I would try again to call support team. 

I’ve added a port and turntable to my system (Arc, sub gen3, 2x era300’s) recently and when i play a record the microphone on my Arc keeps turning on and off even after switching it off physically. I’ve had to disable Sonos voice control on the app. 

Same here. Arc linked to Amazon Alexa for voice assistant. Mic enable/disable sound happens intermittently when listing to music. TV is powered off. 

Removing Alexa Voice assistant as a test and will report back.