Volume low on brand new Playbase

  • 6 July 2017
  • 7 replies

Hey guys just bought a playbar. At first use I was super impressed, but when I tried it on my PS4 I can't get high volume; hell I don't get volume at all until 50% and it takes up to 80% to get anything respectable. Plus, any other audio now is weak. This is upsetting 😞. What did I do wrong??

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7 replies

Not 100% sure, but as a guess, I'd say that you need to check the audio settings for your TV, and make sure that the output to the optical port is set up to be "fixed" rather than "variable". And, frankly, the same thing on any device that is connected to the TV, although I don't think that the PS4 has one. Some cable boxes might, and the amount of time to check is negligible.

After you've done that, and it's still not working properly, try connecting the Playbase directly to the optical out on the PS4, and compare volumes from when it was connected to the TV.
I'll try that, although if I set it to fixed on my tv (Sony x900e) it doesn't let me modify the volume at all 😞
It has to be set as fixed on your TV, otherwise the problem will persist. If your remote doesn't control the volume on the Playbar, you've not set it up properly.
I put it to fixed and re did the remote but whenever I try to change volume I get a "sound is fixed" error on my Sony tv and nothing gets changed on the sonos...
Actually it's even weirder; it'll turn the volume down but not up....
I'm back again!! It's working but now I have a "tv audio is fixed" message on screen whenever I try to change the volume....weird
Yea, you'll need to talk to Sony about that. There may be an FAQ about that, though, I'm not sure, since it doesn't affect me.