TV Source Skipping on Additional Speakers

  • 15 May 2023
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I have a TV with a Sonos beam attached.

I also have a Sonos Move, a Sonos Rome and 4 Sonos Amps outputting to speakers throughout my house and pool area.  If I play music through the beam and group other speakers, everything works GREAT.   No issues whatsoever.  If I put the source on my SmartTV to Youtube and play videos and only play the beam, no issues whatsoever.  

However, when i group the other speakers (Move, Roam and Amps), I get audio skipping.  I have seen this topic many times but I haven’t found a solution.   

My connection is great.  I have fast and strong internet.  I have also tried new cables, switching TV’s, connecting the TV and Beam via ethernet and have placed calls to support with no luck.

Unless I get a good solution, my next step will be to put another amp and connect my TV and a non-sonos soundbar to the Amp and see if that works.

This is really frustrating.  I have a significant investment in Sonos products and I don’t think what I am trying to do is unreasonable.


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Hi @Digitize4u, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Unfortunately there isn’t a solution to this, as the grouping function wasn’t designed with TV audio in mind.

The grouping feature works with music as the audio files being streamed to and between your speakers can be pre-buffered for network play without issue. With TV audio, however, it must be played immediately to stay in sync with the picture, therefore can't be pre-buffered in the same way as with music sources. The best you can do is to increase the delay with which the other rooms play the audio, but that will result in a weird echo if you can hear the Beam at the same time. You can adjust the delay at Settings >> System >> [room name] >> Group Audio Delay.

I hope this information helps! 

Jamie,  Thank you very much for your very detailed information.     I wanted to provide an update and mention that adding an APPLE TV to the mix and then playing the Videos through Apple TV and choosing the Sonos speakers via Airplay works flawlessly.