TV sound not functioning properly

  • 14 December 2020
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1st post so apologies if this has been answered. I have a Samsung TV that had no Arc on the rear. I have bought a cable to give me optical out to HDMI. The Amp is out of site of the TV and any IR signal from the remote. Music working perfect but not TV sound control. 


My Tv does not allow me to turn sound up if I put the TV speakers to external as per App instructions. Is there a way around this or is the TV just not up to it? The only option I can think is turn TV volume down and use the app for control. Thanks in advance 

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5 replies


Perfect. The TV in question was just a quick purchase, it’s got zero functions on, including ARC. Thanks so much for your reply. Appreciated. New TV incoming

And yes, Sonos’ bizarre naming causes me no end of angst. 

If your TV has ARC (Audio Return Channel, part of CEC, Consumer Electronics Control), not Arc (a speaker made by Sonos, and a descriptor of a geometric part of a circle),  then the volume commands are carried from the TV to the Sonos speaker via that ARC connection. 


Thanks Bruce


so if my TV had Arc then no issues? 



If the Amp is not able to see the IR from your remote  control, you may want to look in to adding an IR repeater, since the volume control signal is not carried across an optical connection. 

The IR receiver on the Amp is here